Breath of Fire walkthrough, Part 32: GrimFowls (SNES, GBA)

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Need to break into an impenetrable castle filled with enemies? The GrimFowl's the way to go, guaranteed - or it is in the world of Breath of Fire, at least.

Grim Entrance

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Ryu and his gang of friends - who have recently expanded two six members, quite a respectable size - have been tasked with stopping the Dark Dragons of Nabal, a stronghold to the north of Gunt. Not only do the Dragons have people imprisoned, they also seem to have a secret weapon underway... looks like the gang could use some extra help, as the place is heavily guarded.

Warp back to Gant after leaving the Dark Dragon Fortress. There is indeed an old man here, the same one who gave Gobi a package earlier, though he's not the one you want. You DO need to utilize him... but not yet.

So why come here? With Ox on your team you're privy to a secret. Put him in the lead and go to the second floor, then push aside the cupboard in front of a hole in the wall. Punch the rocks away from in front of the man in here, then bring Karn to the front. This man will teach Karn how to fuse with Gobi and Bow to create Shin, a new, altogether more powerful character that can outmatch any of the other three. Karn gets more of these powers as the game progresses, as well, so try to find them all.

Now for the task at hand. Oddly enough to proceed you'll have to go back to Arad, in the desert, then from there into Krypt. Go down to the fourth level of the dungeon and use Ox to smash the rock under the B. Rang in this room that you were forced to pass last time. Take it back to Gant and show it to the blacksmith and he'll offer to fix it; now Ryu can equip it. Good, you can hit every enemy on the screen again.

Leave town with the B. Rang in your hands and go to the beach that leads to Prima. Rather than jumping in, though, keep walking east, past the mountains, until you see a small hut. This is the old of the old man previously spoken of. When he sees the B. Rang he'll go a bit ballistic, then spout a random bit of knowledge: GrimFowls are tame until you steal their eggs.

... okay.

He suggests stealing an egg and using it as a weapon. Against Nabal, perhaps? Hopefully so... either way, you're done here. Go back into the water, return to the fortress you just beat and plow through to the other side. Go north to find a forest, one that Bo can't bypass.

This is a small nesting ground for GrimFowls, and, sure enough, there's an egg in a northern nest - as well as a ton of bones. Erm. It doesn't sound like the best idea, but what choice do you have? Grab the egg. A GrimFowl will immediately attack.

This thing doesn't have as much HP as some bosses, but it hurts all the same. The GrimFowl will use a fiery attack over and over that can quickly sap a single character's HP. Have Ryu transform and pound on it while everyone else aids or heals. It won't take much to kill the thing, which is good since its attacks hurt.

Once the GrimFowl dies the rest will crowd around. Move slowly to the north, making sure to keep one on your tail, as they will follow if you get close. Take it outside, onto the world map, and lead it to the castle. Once you toss the egg in the GrimFowls will charge in after it, dispersing the crowd of guards around the door. Now you can enter and get down to business.

Infiltrate Nabal in Part 33!


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