Breath of Fire walkthrough, Part 33: Nabal (SNES, GBA)

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Thanks to the GrimFowls, Ryu and co. have penetrated Nabal. Will Ox's folk finally be freed?

Diminutive Dungeon

(New to the walkthrough? Hop back to Part 1!)

Thanks to some help from a few unruly GrimFowl, Ryu and his merry band have managed to enter Nabal Castle without a hitch. Will they be in time to stop the Dark Dragons' mysterious new super weapon? Only time will tell, though hopefully so...

Once you're inside Nabal Castle you'll still see the GrimFowl chasing the soldiers around, though you'll also be subjected to random battles. They're all what you've come to expect, so don't worry too much. Make a run to the east and down the stairs.

When you round the next passage to the west you'll see a Dark Dragon General taking off elsewhere, and in his place he leaves three cronies who transform into creatures called SlimeX. Despite their unique appearance these three are all the same strength as normal enemies... though when you beat them they'll transform into a larger SlimeX that's, well, not much tougher than the normal guys. A bit easier, even, as it only hits one person at a time. Tear it down.

After the soldiers are defeated they'll say that Ryu and the group are too late, as the General's already off to destroy Prima. Ox will rescue his wife from a nearby cell, and she'll direct the team off to Prima, where the Dark Dragon General is going to use the weapon - a torpedo - to demolish the city. Zounds! You rush out to face the guy, but he's already taking off in his boat when you get there.

You'll suddenly get whisked off to Prima, where the guildmaster tells you that you need to visit a place called Wisdon to awaken a sorceress who will do the job. Go upstairs and talk to the Gobi in the bed and he'll say that you need a Statue to get into the sorceress' domain; check his bed to get the Statue.

Wisdon is far from here, in the desert surrounding Krypt (remember that little moving island you couldn't enter? Yep, that's Wisdon). Don't go there just yet, however, as there's still more to explore in Nabal that you'd otherwise miss, as you get tossed out. Return to Ox's wife's cell, bash through the wall and have a look for a few treasures further on in the room. They're not vital, but you won't get them unless you make a return trip... which is never forced upon the party, unfortunately.

All done? Then Warp the party to Arad. You have a date with a sorceress, and it doesn't sound like she'll be terribly pleased to see you.

Head back to the desert in Part 34!


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17th Jan 2011 (#)

Good article ,thanks

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23rd Jan 2011 (#)

Nice read. Well Matt, this will be my last comment on your articles for the next few weeks. I needed to take a much needed rest. I look forward to picking up with the game/story when I get back.
As always, thank you for sharing.:)

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16th May 2011 (#)

Any more articles on the game Matt?

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17th Jul 2011 (#)

Please keep adding more articles, i really enjoy reading them. Thank You

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