Breath of Fire walkthrough, Part 7: Karma Forest (SNES, GBA)

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Nina and company need to cure her father, the king of Winlan. Unfortunately, she's going to have to get through a massive tower to do it... AND a forest... nothing's easy in Breath of Fire, sadly.

Forest Trek

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Nina, with two Winlan guards at her side, is off to the tower of the wizard who's plaguing the town of Romero with undead unnaturals. The wizard may be responsible for her father's poisoning, and if so the creature may be able to heal the man - assuming it's willing to listen to Nina. If not, well, she can always use force to get what she wants.

Leave Romero and head west, into the woods. This is a long stretch of the same territory over and over, so it's easy to get lost. Try not to backtrack. Head west until you can turn north, then head to the end of the trees to find an Herb. Turn back and keep going west a bit further until another intersection; check the north for 150 GP, then, before going all the way back south, check the next intersection down and to the west for an Herb. Now return to the main crossroads.

Go south from here and explore to the west to find a Bandage. Then return, once more, to the crossroads and continue all the way west along this middle road. Eventually you'll reach the end of the forest and emerge near a moss-covered tower, the home of the wizard.

Enter, use the restorative waters near the entrance to restore your strength - you may want to use this spot to build Nina's level a bit while the soldiers are still around - then check the basement in the middle to find two Herbs. Go back up, then take the northwest path to a staircase in the corner. You'll find an M. Drop at the top. Backtrack down and go east along the top wall, then go south along the east wall to find a chest another M. Drop. Return to the central fountains and recharge your energy.

That done, approach the floating figure northeast of the fountains. You'll be challenged by the Morte, an undead creature that's fairly strong but quite predictable - it just swipes at your characters with its scythe. Don't let anybody take more than two hits with being healed and keep swiping at the thing. It will die soon enough.

Now you have to begin climbing the tower in earnest, which can prove a long trek if you're underprepared. This is your last chance to easily go back to Romero and prepare. If you feel yourself ready, climb up the stairs and get ready for a hefty journey to the wizard's chambers.

You have a date with Part 8!


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Maybe that's why folks like, it is not so easy.
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