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Turn your garden into a work of art that is useful at the same time ina few easy steps.

1. Improve Yard Lighting

Adding and enhancing the light in your garden will create a safer and more attractive place at night. You can combine task lights with ambient lighting to increase safety. Along your walkways, add soft, non-glaring fixtures to lead your guests around the garden or to your front door. For a really pleasant look, make sure the fixtures are directing the light downwards. When you are positioning the lights, don't put all of them in a straight line so you don't have an unpleasant runaway effect.

Bear in mind that the greenest lighting option for your garden is solar lighting. Solar lights are very easy to install and use. These decorative lights don't need any wiring. But to ensure that they are well charged, you must place them where they will receive maximum exposure to the sun. As soon as it is dusk, they will light up automatically and illuminate your garden.

2. Increase the Storage Space

A poorly organised garden shed will cost you time, money and energy. But by paying attention to simple these simple rules, you can increase the amount of space you have. First you should take time to declutter your storage shed. Divide all the items in your shed into three - those to keep, those to recycle or repair, and those to throw away.

Next, order for clear plastic containers. These containers will enable you to organize your items and see what you have stored inside them very quickly. Then use label markers to identify your boxes and bins so you will be able to locate what you are searching for very fast. You should also make full use of your vertical space and use it to store off-season tools and items you use infrequently.

3. Take Advantage of Vertical Space

We all know that in most of our sheds and garages bulk of the free surfaces are indeed walls and ceiling. Since ceiling is a bit tricky to utilize to the limit, you should focus on your walls. Vertical storage space is ideal for storing items that you rarely use. It is one of the least used spaces since few people opt out to mount racks and other fixtures that will surely add to sheer volume of usable surfaces. You can install hanging drawers and custom shelves for various tools that are bulky or require special mounts. You can also make a vertical garden on the outside walls by hanging various flower pots.

4. Kill the Weeds

Traditionally, toxic herbicides are used to kill weeds when it is too difficult or strenuous to pull them out manually. But these herbicides are not environmentally friendly. To kill weeds in your garden, you can use several other simple non-toxic methods. For instance, you can boil water and pour it on the weeds, as long as you are careful enough to avoid killing other garden plants and you don't pour hot water on your body. You may also use a propane torch and propane tank to kill the weeds with fire, but be careful, as too much smoke is not good for your health or the environment. If you love to kill weeds overnight you can use a homemade vinegar weed spray. It is quite effective and it kills weeds within 6 to 8 hours.


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