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A few tips on how to build a website and blog on a shoestring budget.

Build A Website And Blog - Not As Easy As It Sounds

When I first started out in my online business it became apparent to me that I would have to build a website and blog if I was to see any sort of success. Now, I was not what you would call 'internet savvy' at this point in my career and I had no idea how to build a website and blog.

Lets face it - type 'build a website and blog' into any search bar and you will have millions of answers thrown at you. You may even of arrived at this article through a search engine query. Problem is that a lot of the information online is actually people's opinion and not fact. Now how many people's opinion is known to be 100% sound - nobody's.

So I dosed myself up with the wrong information and I set out to create my first website - what a colossal waste of my time and energy. I actually think the site is still floating about the internet as we speak - like a vacuum in space.

I thought I could cut corners and create a website with the cheapest option out there. Before I go any further I should point out that there are a lot of free website builders and hosting out there so don't tar them all with the same brush.

The main problem with the cheaper end websites is how Google perceives them - how they rank. Unfortunately for me I chose a website company that did not rank well in the search results naturally and I was dead in the water. Newer sites like Weebly or Yola are considered Web 2.0 properties. A lot of more experienced webmasters turn their noses up at these sites but they really should not - they are very very powerful website builders and whats more they are completely free.

My main current main website is housed on free hosting with a free domain - it is a perk from the online university I use. I have built it using another award winning free service called Wordpress. If you are looking to build a website and blog then you should seriously consider checking this platform out. It is not as 'modular' as the 2.0 options but it is very powerful and the options are limitless. If you want an example of what Wordpress is capable of then simply click one of the links in this article and have a sneaky look at my site.

Last but not least - SEO! Build a website and blog without this in mind then I am afraid you are going to fail miserably. SEO stands for search engine optimization and all websites need it. Simply put it is the process of using keywords on your site to attract the search engines. This subject is huge and tales a lot of practice to perfect so I strongly suggest downloading a free eBook on the subject ( there are thousands of them out there - believe me ).

If you want to build a website and blog make sure it is a labor of love and do not pick a subject that you do not enjoy yourself. Getting a website up and running does take time and a lot of writing so make sure you are writing about a subject you, yourself enjoy. Good luck!

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