By all means, persist! (A different kind of fashion article)

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This is a different sort of fashion article. This is an article about work ethic, life, living, and how to do it with persistence, perseverance and gusto. This is a unique article also, full of reality, integrated facts about life and rational understanding. Are you game? I am going to get into the first section:

Old-fashioned Grits and Sweat, work

I know, in some articles of mine, you have heard that there are not any short-cuts or cheating strategies, I still hold to that. But, have you ever thought that the real short-cuts and "cheating strategies" are within the hard work of life and existence itself?

Sure, I could sit here and tell you that life is hard work without reprieve, but if you work life it almost always does meet you half way unless you do something unworthy to it like genuinely try to cheat right down to cheating yourself deeply. Listen, I can understand hard work being a daunting thing at times, but I will give you "a secret", if you are not willing to do it, nothing will ever happen. Before you hang up this article and say "crazy", I will say this: The word "willing" I Put into bold letters is the key to all genuine accomplishment. Without that term or reality of "willing", you cheat everyone including yourself really. Put the term "genuinely" behind that term "willing", and then back it up with undying persistence, and what do you get? You get a winner. Nothing else, you get a winner. I know, cheating looks and seems temptingly easy at times, but if you are not genuinely willing, why should you have the goal?

Reality comes down to work we cannot avoid though if we genuinely want to achieve something. I do not care how easy it seems to avoid that work, or how fashionable it seems to have an effortless life in this twenty-first century. Reality comes down to the bottom line, achieving, realizing and doing. If I sound unfashionable and old-fashioned, so be it. But one consciousness cannot appropriate the achievements of another, to quote Ayn Rand in a right contextual manner. We can only genuinely achieve for ourselves.

Persistence is not fashion, it is all-time, universal reality

Life is the gritty, barbed funk of work, however you look at it. Reality does not just "command into existence" unless you set up the conditions for it to beforehand outside and inside yourself. No matter what the trends of the culture are, nothing will replace persistence and work as universally fashionable.

Sometimes, I read Napoleon Hill and so many motivational books it seems ridiculous. But, from all this reading, I realize that it is a person's duty to think, act, and generate for themselves, and life will meet the person working halfway if the efforts are right, nothing will really happen even if cheating happens if wrong. Indeed, hard work, and fulfillment from that hard work are never out of style. On the other hand, begging for a living on the street unrealistically from others never really is in style. Also, playing irrational games and calling yourself doing something never is either. I remember one thing my Dad used to say years ago, "I do not play.", this is what he meant: To trick people and cheat is to trick yourself and ultimately play irrational mystical games that destroy everything including your life through such cheating. Some would argue, "Is that not a little extreme?" I would answer, that is the ultimate extreme, when you cheat so much that you are doing nothing dead, out of the game of life, and really have no effort as desired. That is the ultimate mysticism.

Indeed, the ultimate reality is persistence and effort that admits in reality as gthe best friend you can have for life. Rational effort without dodging reality is power. Rational effort without "playing games" and genuine focus is the only key to genuine strength anyway.

Enough building up steam, here. Let us get real:

Fashionable cheating is like living to eat, instead of eating to live. Fashionable cheating is playing irrational games in life and never really getting anywhere. We all want to get somewhere and we all want rational results whether we know it or not. Life is real when we are real? Oh yes! There won't be much more to this article, that was the "shark jumping part" of the article where I cannot write much more that makes sense, but you get the message: get started and keep it real!


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