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Questioning if there has been some outside involvement in the Unrest in the Middle East

The Recent Past

During the 'Cold War' it was the game of Spy vs Spy. One side would infiltrate the other, forming or joining organisations, enticing locals into their web. Some were 'moles' who spent years creating a legend until the situation was ripe for action. Some were dupes, spewing the "Party Line" without knowing it.

Agent Provocateurs would create an issue, or turn one into a major situation, then slip away, leaving the locals. Hence the uprising, demonstration, issue that was capturing the minds of the people was manufactured in the bowels of MI-6 or the CIA or the KGB but enacted by average citizens.


The end of the Cold War left all sides flat footed There were thousands of fresh trainees, all ready to be deployed in an arena that no longer existed. As late as 2000, the American State department was chock full of those whose minds were on Moscow.

In most places in the world one can see the coming storm. There was to be an election but it was canceled, there was an election and the incumbent refused to leave office, there were unpopular policy changes....

The North African Situation

Most of the world shrugged at the Tunisian demonstrations, until Tourists began fleeing the country, the President was forced out of office, and suddenly, Egypt was next. Egypt?

As Mubarack was chased from office there there were demonstrations in Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, now Syria....almost every Arab nation is caught in an uprising, a demand for a change of government.
A change to what?

Protest to Protest?

There were no candidates in waiting, there was no carefully constructed policy, it was protest to protest, overthrow governments to overthrow governments, with absolutely no comprehension of what followed.

There was no government in Tunisa, in Egypt as of April 2011 and Libya is having a civil war, with the West's involvement.

Syria has had continuous demonstrations, Bahrain intermittent ones..

A typical Revolution

If one looks at Cuba in the late 50s the momentum for a revolution is evident. The class structure, the corruption, the popularity of the insurgents.

The Government of Battista left, replaced by that of Castro.

Within days the new government was up and running, changes were being implemented. It was clear that the previous government had been toppled to be replaced by that of the revolutionaries.

There was no power vacuum, no uncertainty.


It is rather odd that in December of 2010 there was no inkling that anything was about to happen. Tourists had booked into hotels in Tunisia, Egypt, and even Libya was becoming a place to visit.

In January 2011, there was an uprising in Tunisia. At first shrugged, then it became so serious that there was a mass exodus, not only of Tourists but of ex-pat workers and Tunisians.

Then came Egypt, while groups demonstrated in Morocco, in Algeria.

From Yemen to Libya to Syria, almost every Arab country is plunged into turmoil.

With a very young population; the majority being under 25, it is an almost inescapable conclusion that what is happening is not the result of long standing grievances or sudden situations, but the kind of excitement often seen at Rock concerts.

With the Internet available, cell phones in every hand, how easy it is to mobilise a population.

Jus' Saying

It seems evident that these 'revolutions' are not indigenous. They all seem to have the same structure, move in the same manner, (save Libya) and appear to provide the same kind of pressure release and direction.

There has never been a democracy in an Arab nation. It is not as situation where those who once had a level of freedom are oppressed by a Mugabe, or that a stricter version of Islam is being introduced.

There are no oppositions in these nations. There is no 'government in waiting'.

When an Incumbent fights his deposition, there is war and bloodshed, and the excitement continues. Where the Incumbent flees, there is simply a vacuum.
Filling this vacuum should occupy the minds of the population for years to come.

Since Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Syria are focusing on here and now, with Saudi Arabia apprehensive, as is Iran, there isn't much interest in various terrorist organisations which have no further agenda then murder.

Seems a rather charming idea for the C.I.A. to activate it's old style infiltration/agent provocateur style, and sit back and watch the show.


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author avatar Jerry Walch
1st Apr 2011 (#)

The only safe comment for me to make on this article Kaylar is to say that it is very well written. To say anything else...well I spent too many years in the military doing things that I cannot talk about for various government agencies.

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author avatar kaylar
1st Apr 2011 (#)

Jerry, I live in a country whose government was underthrown by the CIA. The 'classified' documents were released over ten years ago.

I further knew an anthropologist who had been deployed by some shadow organisation to Chile and who later found her work used in the Underthrow policy which is how Allende was removed from power.

Hence I can speak from the position of someone who was on the ground.

Most countries are made up of easily led sheep who can be taught to bleat and fight against their own benefits.

Although you will find it remarkable; take it as I say it; In 1979 education was free...through University level.
Health care was free; through intricate surgery.

The people fought against the government which provided this.

The gov. was voted out of office.

After nearly 20 years of people going to the public hospital and if they couldn't pay be turned away to die...
the gov. of this day claims to institute a 'free' health program which means that there are no doctors or drugs so you can die inside the hospital instead of in the parking lot.

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author avatar WordWulf
1st Apr 2011 (#)

Dirty birds!

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author avatar foxpete88
1st Apr 2011 (#)

peace is beauty, and that everyone wants. thanks 4 sharing.-

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author avatar kaylar
2nd Apr 2011 (#)

you're welcome

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
3rd Apr 2011 (#)

Jerry knows something

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
8th Jun 2011 (#)

Food for thought, this.

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author avatar kaylar
8th Jun 2011 (#)

It is the best constructed covert project by American agencies I can think of

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author avatar saurik
20th Jun 2011 (#)

this is just a war but under the name "peace and democracy"

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author avatar kaylar
3rd Jul 2011 (#)

yes...it is

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