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Clogged Drains

Here is an article on drains in your plumbing system. We have all used or heard of the "Liquid Drain Cleaners" and here are some facts about these so called drain openers. As a licensed plumber, I hope this article will save you time, money, and headaches.
The first and most important issue concerning these produces is safety. These products tell you to just pour the cleaner down the clogged drain or sewer, but what they dont tell you is that these products give off gases that are very harmful to your health and can kill you. As the product is doing its magic it releases certain gases and could cause a "gas chamber" in the house. There are many cases where people have used these products and have died trying to save a buck.
Another safety issue is that the acids in these products can seriously burn you or someone else who comes in contact with these products. If the products splash it could cause serious damage to the skin and even your eyes.
Besides the important health issues that are involved with these wonder cleaners, another is they just dont work. Ever wonder why you have to use it constantly? The way these cleaners work is this....
As your drain is completely clogged and no liquid or solid passes, you pour in the cleaner. As the cleaner attacks the clogged area (if it makes it to the actual clogged area) it starts eating away the problem. Yes this may get your drain to open but this is only temporary. Lets say you have a 2 inch drain. As the cleaner works on the 2 inch clog a 1/2 inch opening in the clog opens. Now, all the liquid that is behind the clog flushes and drains along with the cleaner. So now u have a 1/2 inch opening in the 2 inch drain that is allowing your sinks drain but not for long. You then waste more money and repeat this process as it recloggs.
So here is the bottom line I am trying to get across. Home owners often think calling a plumber is to expensive but let me ask you this... Can you put a price on your health or your loved ones health. Or is the cost of these cleaners cheaper??? Not really, since you have to keep buying it. A one time fee from a plumber is cheaper, more affective, and most important safer. Yes you have to come up with the money up front but this pays off in the long run.


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