CafeWorld...your doing it wrong!!Heres how I run my Zynga cafe on Facebook to the max

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Get your cafe going, rack up the buzz points and the earnings by trying out these ideas for maximising your cafes potential.

Top tips

Any new CafeWorld players or long-time addicts may be interested in my tips for playing CafeWorld efficiently.

I’m sure the veterans will already know the following information, but perhaps there are some tips that are new for you

For those trying to level up, I think the most important aspect is layout.

Make your layout so that waiters are blocked in- trap them behind your counters. This cuts out on time walking to tables to serve dishes and to clean up dishes, which increases your buzz rating. The higher the buzz rating the more frequently customers enter your cafe.

Similarly, block in your chef behind counters or stoves somehow and/or turn your stoves so that he/she can’t reach the controls. This speeds up how long chef takes to cook and serve dishes.

I did this while levelling up and found it useful, but I now have my waiters and chef ‘free’.

Make sure the seats at your table are not against an edge or wall or directly behind another chair. If there isn’t a space the waiters can’t serve food to that customer.

Don’t block the front or rear of your cafes door!

You don’t need to fill your cafe up with as many tables and chairs as will fit in it. I have found that with a constant rating of 105 I don’t need more than say 20 seats, probably 16 would be adequate except for those times when you have just gone into the decor section or served a gift-when you go back to the cafe your seats are full with more people entering the door.

Try to get as many fast-cooking stoves as possible e.g the lightening stoves. Whenever you are not requiring to request things for goals, request the parts. Or send them as gifts and hope people send them back to you. Faster cooking stoves=levelling through dishes faster giving you more per dish, and also helps to complete catering faster.

Help on catering missions if you are filling your stoves with a dish required for a mission, you will aid your neighbours and earn cafe points when they complete the mission.

Level up your drinks and coffee, serve drinks as frequently as you can. Currently (at time of writing) the biggest cafe points earning drink is Mint Chocolate Shake from the Paddys Day event, at 25 cafe points per drink its a decent points earner. Remember to check your news feed for energy refill and energy boost posts from your neighbours.

Level up your salad bar, it earns you points and cash.

Do catering missions, goes without saying that they earn you points. The best points earning mission at the moment is Valentines Day Dinner if you were fortunate enough to complete the goals in February.

Visit neighbours- point per visit and by spicing the stoves your neighbours can send you a thank-you spice, which in turn you can save up or use to help master dishes faster or complete missions on time gathering max points/stars. Neighbours may visit you in return and spice your stoves, giving you more servings= more earnings. Don’t forget to try their daily special!

If you need a certain dish for a goal or catering, try selling some you have already served to Wholesale Dale then sending the remainders to your Cafe friends. Hopefully they will send it back to you!

Check your news feed for Cafe World posts, by clicking you can collect dishes which you can save for future goals or catering missions. Also to be gathered are points and cash whenever someone completes a goal or mission, dishes, spices, current promotions ( e.g early access Golden Tickets). Get Lotto tickets whenever someone levels up, earn points or even cafe cash if your lucky! Or a trellis if your unlucky

Be generous, send gifts, remember its better to give than receive! Your neighbours will note who gifts them often and will be more likely to click your name when sharing gifts themselves.

Last but not least, try to cook daily. You are rewarded each new day that you cook with dishes, cash, cafe points, spices and cafe cash- all of which can be shared with your cafe friends.

Yes Zynga need to iron out the glitches from time to time, but I still adore this game.

Happy cooking fellow chefs!


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author avatar Julia
12th Apr 2011 (#)

a tip for people of a high level, unless you need customers... get rid of your doors and your cafe will run faster with no customers. i have over 50mil and don't need any more money. i put in a door when i have to do drink missions and whatnot.

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