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Call of Duty: Black Ops is the newest game in the COD franchise. My guides will help you along with single player, multiplayer and zombie mode. Please enjoy and leave feedback

Prestige Mode Explained

In the past few games the level you can enter prestige mode at has been different. Here is what was previously required:

Modern Warfare started at level 55
World at War started at level 65
Modern Warfare 2 started at level 70

In Call of Duty: Black Ops, it is even lower than it was with the original. Prestige mode starts at level 50! Where Black Ops makes up for this is the amount of prestige levels available. Previously you could play all the way up until the 10th prestige. Now, you can play up to the 15th prestige! Like the other games, you will lose everything other than emblems when entering the mode (including points and attachments/weapons). As you progress through each mode you will unlock a new emblem as well as some other things listed here:

Prestige Leader board, Prestige Playlist and Custom Class #6 at Prestige 1
Custom Class #7 at Prestige 2
Custom Class #8 at Prestige 5
Custom Class #9 at Prestige 7
Custom Class #10 at Prestige 9
Face Tattoos at Prestige 11
Clan Tag Colors at Prestige 13
Golden Camouflage at Prestige 14
Final Riddles Background at Prestige 15

Increase Your Kill to Death Ratio

Play Team Ground War - Only if the game mode is domination! When you are in the lobby, quit out if death match is selected as the game mode. Since the true objective is to capture and hold bases, YOUR objective will be to hide off to the side and pick off people trying to capture and defend the bases. Hiding off to the side will not always work but you should be able to get multiple kills before being spotted on average.

Equipment - You want to go relatively unnoticed. Equip yourself well with an automatic weapon that has a silencer on it. This way you will not be on the radar when shooting. You should also use your kill steaks on jamming the enemy radar so keep them from knowing where you are on the map. I also recommend using the ninja perk since it will keep you hidden from enemy gunners when the other team gets a chopper. Get yourself some claymores and place them in places that enemies will be sure to run past while you camp as well.

Be Patient - You might have matches where there is no action near you and you end up with 3 kills and 1 death. This is boring but will greatly improve your KDR. Know that the way things tend to work in multiplayer, the second you come out of cover... your dead!

The Collector (Trophy or Achievement) Guide

Make sure you have enough money to do everything. You will need to buy, and not necessarily use, every gun as well as open every door to access them all. Here are all the the weapons and the costs associated with collecting them all on the Kino Der Toten Map.

Olympia Shotgun cost 500 credits to obtain
M14 Rifle cost 500 credits to obtain
PM63 SMG cost 1,000 credits to obtain
Stakeout cost 1,500 credits to obtain
MP40 SMG cost 1,000 credits to obtain
MP5K SMG cost 1,000 credits to obtain
M16 Rifle cost 2,000 credits to obtain
Claymores cost 1,000 credits to obtain
Bowie Knife cost 3,000 credits to obtain
Ak74U rifle cost 1,200 credits to obtain
MPL cost 1,000 credits to obtain
Frag Grenades cost 250 credits to obtain
Total Doors cost 8,500 credits to open
You will need 22,450 credits so get to killin' those zombies!


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20th Dec 2010 (#)

Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your first Wikinut page.

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21st Dec 2010 (#)

good job, we really love this game

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22nd Dec 2010 (#)

Thanks. This will definitely help.
Keep up the good work. I'm right behind you!

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8th Jan 2011 (#)

Addicting game but a lot of fun!!

You stated "I also recommend using the ninja perk since it will keep you hidden from enemy gunners when the other team gets a chopper."

I think you meant to say use the Ghost perk if I am not mistaken. Also, Ghost Pro is even better of course!

Happy Gaming!!!

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