Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie Kino Der Toten: 3 Stones

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Details on how to unlock special background music for Kino Der Toten map by activation three stones.

3 Stones Location

To unlock this special background music you must activate 3 stones that are hidden around the Call of Duty Black Ops zombie mode map Kino Der Toten.

The first stone is found in the lobby, which is the first room that the zombie mode game begins in. The stone can be found on the bottom floor of this room along the right staircase. The stone is on a small pillar that has a glass dome surrounding it. To activate it simply look at it and press the reload button. Your character should make a remark or the rock should make a sound.

The next stone that you can activate in zombie mode Kino Der Toten is determined by which door that you choose to open in the lobby. For this description, we will open the door that leads toward the alley. The next stone is found in the room between the alley and the stage. It is located next to the zombie entrance that is nearest to the stair you used to enter this room. The stone is on a shelf against the wall and is black and red. This stone can be activated in the same manner as the first one.

The final stone is located in the dressing room. This stone is the hardest to find out of all of them. If you use the map presented on the walls of the Kino Der Toten map or the map above it is located in the southwest corner of the room. It is in the room that has a blueish light glowing in it. The final stone in zombie mode is found on the floor hidden behind some rubble. Once this stone is activated, you will begin to hear a change in the background music.

You have now unlocked the secret background music for Call of Duty Black Ops Kino Der Toten map. Enjoy slaying zombies to some new tunes.

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