Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie Kino Der Toten: How to Guide for Secret Film Reels

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In the In the Call of Duty Black Ops zombie mode map Kino Der Toten there are many secrets to be discovered. These hidden secrets were planted by the Treyarch team to give us an extra incentive to explore and have fun amidst the chaos of the Zombie invasion.

One of the best hidden secrets to explore are the Black Ops Kino Der Toten hidden film reels. This secret includes three hidden film reels that can be obtained and played.

Kino Der Toten Film Reels

You may have noticed that there is a big screen in the theater room in Kino Der Toten. This screen continuously counts down as if a movie is about to start. For this secret you must find and play the secret film reels, if you wish to enjoy the movie. This movie will help us dive deeper into the Call of Duty Zombie Mode.

Finding the Film Reels

These hidden film rolls are scattered throughout the random rooms that you are teleported to after your time in the Pack-a-Punch projector room is over. These film reels are hidden in the different post Pack-a-Punch rooms. They can be on tables, on cabinets, on window sill or on beds. The location of the film reels are not always the same.

Once you have found one of the three hidden film rolls, you can pick it up by reloading when you are near it. Note that you do not have to be facing the film reel to pick it up. Therefore running around the room holding the reload button is an effective way of find the film.If you properly picked up the midden film reel a small icon of a film reel will show up next to your grenades.

Once you have successfully equipped yourself with one of the secret film reels you must make your way back up to the Pack-a-Punch Projector Room. Once there you can play the film reel in the projector by pressing the reload button while at the projector. If done correctly the movie section from the film reel will begin to play on loop on the large screen in the theater. This section of the movie will play until the next film reel is installed in the projector.

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