Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie Map Ascension: Red Phones Secret

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The Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie map Ascension is an enormous map that contains a multitude of secrets. One secret known as the Red Phones Easter egg is a throw back to Pentagon Zombie map Five. This is one of the only secrets that connects the time traveling quartet of zombie slaying heroes to the cast of the seemingly out of place zombie slayers Kennedy, Castro, Nixon and Mcnamara.

Finding the Red Phones

This secret Easter egg involves three red phones that are hidden around the Black Ops Ascension map. Randomly throughout the zombie match these three red phones, similar to those used in the unlocking of the Jukebox secret on the Pentagon map Five, will ring. When the phone is ringing, players may answer it by using the reload button.

When the one of the three red phones are activated players can either hear John F. Kennedy saying his classic line from Five, "Need more Beans for the Chowder Here." Nixon can also be heard Howling and shooting his weapon at zombies.

It is not quite known what this Easter Egg means for the Zombie storyline. Some ideas are that it is a hint to a merger of the zombie cast in later maps. It is also possible that it is telling us that JFK was aware of what was happening with the Ascension group at the Russian Cosmodome, with the research into the Gersch Device.

The locations of the Red Phones are as follows

Next to the power switch.
Left of the launch pad in the centrifuge room.
To the right of the PhD Flopper machine.

Leave a comment below letting us know what you think this secret means.

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