Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie Map Five: Hidden Traps

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In the Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie map Five it appears that there are no electrical traps. This is not true. You may also notice that when walking through the metal detectors on the first floor that a text appears saying access denied. This is because the metal detectors are actually the pentagon’s electrical traps.

Two Missing Parts

There are actually two part to the electrical traps that are hidden in the Black ops zombie map five, one part for each trap. These traps can be picked up by pressing the reload button while looking at them.

Finding the Traps

The locations are kind of hard to find, making this a very well hidden secret.

There is one trap piece on the bottom floor of the war room hidden behind some computer equipment. To find this piece walk straight out of the second elevator into the bottom floor of the War Room. Once you reach the center piece of the room turn left and find the nearest zombie window/vent that they enter through. Now move left tracking along the computer stuff and on the floor you will find the trap piece.

Trap pieces are red boxes. They can be picked up using the reload button but you can only pick up one at a time. The one you are holding must be put into the trap on the first floor before you can pick up the second one.

The second trap is located on the bottom floor/ lab area. To find this trap piece on the black ops zombie pentagon map five, exit the second elevator and enter the first room on the right. The trap piece is on the right in a metal cabinet that has the door to one section open.

With the electrical traps now operational, you can use them to help get through later rounds in which the traps are the only things that will kill a nazi zombie.

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