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Basement is often forgotten, when it comes to home improvement. But this is the space, which can let your creativity act free!

Basement changes

To give your house an advantage over other homes in your area, think about renovating your basement.

The primary concern of every buyer when looking at a basement is the issue of water. Insulating the room against the climate and making sure it is dry if definitely a positive point for your property. Nevertheless, if you have some sort of water troubles, do something about it because it'll be a massive negative.

Therefore contact a professional who has experience in redesigning these areas. A vast number of basements in homes are unfinished and often possess quite a large amount of square footage. With such potential, isn't it a crime to waste this opportunity

Finishing your basement can be a rewarding experience, but it needs a great deal of arranging and preparation. The primary issue you'll find with this type of project is the ceiling height. Although ceilings within the house itself can be quite high, in a basement it is often the opposite that is true. One way to deal with this problem is to put your ceiling around the ventilation and air conditioning.

Flooring for a basement is something you also need to think about, most contractors will recommend you go for carpet. Of course price is going to be your first thought, but try and purchase a good quality under-lay and a nice thick carpet. Carpets also provide comfort for your feet, giving a softening effect against the concrete floors which most basements often have. The floors in the main part of the home is supported by wood, less damaging on the tootsies.

Thinking about Further Remodelling - Gymnasium or Cinema Room

A buyer may be willing to pay for these sort of features and it could help your property sell more quickly, but you have to remember that they are considered luxury items and therefore buyers may not want to pay the price. If you have a large property with lots of space and the system is set up professionally, then according to some property agents, this set-up could increase the value of your home by as much as $60,000. A finished basement is a great place to put either of these projects.

Setting up a room cinema system is not as easy as most of us think. If you are starting from scratch and looking at a few types of setups, then it is wise that you seek out the advice of a home theatre specialist. A basic home theatre system should incorporate a 27" or larger HDTV, video playing unit, stereo receiver with surround-sound capability, surround-sound speaker system, and, of course, comfortable furniture.

If you prefer having a gymnasium in your property, this type of feature does not require much organization and is a great addition. The visible issues that need to be dealt with are:

* Sound issues, although if it is in your basement this is probably not going to be a problem
* Adding rubber floor mats and mirrors on the walls
* Air circulation of the space would need to be looked at
* A decent music system

Then you need to make a decision on the gym supplies itself; what do you want to buy? Investigate local stores that sell gym supplies. Look at value for money, the different brands, different machines and sorts of equipment and of course the prices they are.

Jay Banks is Vancouver Condos expert, author of BC Home Renovation Self-help Series


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author avatar Denise O
13th Oct 2010 (#)

Wonderful advice.
We are able to ask up to 50,000 more for our home,
(If we ever decide to sell it)
then my neighbor.
Just because our basement is fully finished and his isn't.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
15th Oct 2010 (#)

good time to read this, I have been cleaning my basement and ready to do more work on it now!

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