Candy Crush Level 130 Tips and Objective

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This is another strategy tutorial based on Candy Crush level 130 objectives, tips and tricks. You can apply these saga game cheats on iPhone, computer and any other smart phone devices.

Candy Crush Level 130 Objective

Before we proceed please read my friend message! Hi Candy Crush Saga lover. On level 130 it wants me to collect something. I don't know what it is. It gives 2 purple and white striped round wrapped candies with a plus sign? OK, I need help from anyone who knows about level 130, if Candy Crush, it says get all packages, what the heck do that mean. The one that confused me the longest was the matching of the squares. Also the hardest! Right in on level 130 on candy crush anyone knows how to get the black bomb thing I need on that level? Any help would be very much appreciated as I'm stuck and refuse to pay for a Facebook game. I need people to send me more lives on candy crush if possible reserve is running low and I'm on one of them levels with a bomb that keeps going off hell quick, so I'm burning thru lives super fast...any lives sent would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance to those who sinned!

Does anyone know why extra lives on candy crush disappear? You can be playing a game & when you look a few minutes later my extra lives are gone. What a pain! I do not play lucky slots, candy crush, witch bubble, or any of the other highly fascinating and I'm sure thrilling app games out there. I'd like to help save your lives, send a cow, or assist in any other wonderful aspect of the game for you but unfortunately I just can't as I just don't care. Now if you'd like to meet to talk in person, go for supper or to a real casino or need me in any real sense I am available to play or help you in real life and perhaps even help with your real cow. For that, I am just a phone call away. Have a good day and see you soon.

Let me explain to you why you play candy crush saga for level 130? It is the most frustrating evil game on the planet! It helps if the dang thing told you what to do. And the growling and cursing isn't working. I think the little candy person is laughing at me!

Cheats and tips for candy Crush Saga level 130!
1. On the orders you combine 2 stripes and then swap them, do this 3 times.

2. You have to swipe 2 striped candies 5 times to pass the level. Any colors will work. If so then the goal is not to get purple stripes - it's to combine two stripes of any color five times.

3. What ever the number is at the top right corner it's five or six! But you have to get at least two of those stripes together (side by side!) To do so there have to be four of the same thing together to get a stripe! Whatever the number is at the top you have to have that amount of sets with the stripes side by side! I hope I didn't confuse you even more!

4. You have to get four purple candies in a row.

5. On my phone there are no purple on this board, but the color doesn't matter you just have to make a bunch of stripe candies and then combine them two at a time.

6. If it’s still hard for you than you have to double up stripe candy 5 times.

Note: For those of you who have not played candy crush in a while, and assuming the reason for this is you being stuck and unable to beat a level, there is a new "daily booster wheel" that you can spin once a can then use the obtained booster to help you beat whatever level out is your stuck on so that you can continue on in your life quest to conquer candy crush.


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