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This article is about paying captcha trading sites, it is not good to work with them as they are hacking other persons accounts with our work.

Captcha Trading Sites

Most of the sites using captcha code to find whether we are human or bots. CAPTCHA means Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. But this kind of captcha codes will give a lot of irritation while entering them. Different kind of sites are using various method of design for filling captcha codes, in some designs it is very hard to identify the captcha and we enter wrong captcha due to the misunderstanding and the system require us to enter it again. We lost our temper while entering the code again and again, some sites using pictures as their captcha and we are in need to click the correct picture to prove that we are human, this kind of picture identification is some what better than this kind of text codes.

Now a days lot of captcha trading sites are available and we can earn money with this sites by typing the captcha code and sending it to them. Mostly this kind of captch codes are used for illegal activities which is not good for good people. This kind of captcha sites are used for hacking other persons account. By working with this kind of sites and typing the codes provided by them, we are indirectly helping the scammers and criminals to hack other persons accounts.

This kind of hackers will send our typed captch codes to bots and they will easily enter the required captcha code to the site and login to other person account to hack it. Why we are in need to type captcha code to earn, if it is a data entry site or some other documentation site we can type and submit our work, but if it is a captcha trading site and it is not good to work with them. The captcha we typed with that site may use others to login other persons account without their knowledge, since most of the sites is having captcha check for human verification. Better to avoid join with them Keep distance from this kind of captcha trading sites.

To avoid this kind of issues some sites use picture verification and avoid text captchas, but still some sites and email providers are using captcha text code for human check. This kind of captcha trading sites used our typed captcha codes to do lot of illegal activities. Never join with this kind of sites and help to the scammers to hack other persons account and access their information without their knowledge. Avoid joining with captcha trading site. It is your safer side.


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author avatar Adeel
11th Feb 2013 (#)

i have a question. i also joined captcha data entry but after doing it for 25 minutes, i found out its ethically n logically illegal and i quit right away. am i still wrong for have worked only 25 minutes as a captcha dats entry?

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author avatar Ptrikha
17th Nov 2013 (#)

Seems a tricky case- what hackers can be upto!

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