Caring for Clothes: Tips in Removing Stains

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Here are some simple tips on how to remove stains on your clothes.

Why it is important?

Stains should be removed promptly because they spoil the appearance of garments. Old stains are difficult to remove. Stained clothes are less wearable and of less value. Garments get in contact with different types of stains. It is, therefore, important to learn some possible ways of removing stains in order to keep clothes neat, spotless and wearable as long a possible.

Tips on how to remove stains

Blood stains. Soak the stained part in cold water. Rub soap briskly and wash. Soap again and bleach in the sun. Rinse.
Bubble gum. Soak stained part in cold water. Scrape carefully with a dull knife, until it is removed. Rub soap and wash.
Fat or Lard. Wash in warm water and soap. Rinse.
Ink stains. Apply lemon juice and salt. Leave it there for sometime. Then wash in soap and water. Rinse.
Mildew. This stain is formed when moist garments are folded or kept in a drawer or cabinet. To remove mildew, sprinkle the stain with salt and lemon juice. Bleach in the sun. repeat the process if necessary. Wash as in ordinary washing.
Mud. Let the mud dry. Then rub or brush off from the garment. Wash just like other soiled clothes.
Paint and varnish. Rub the spot with grease or fat. Wash as in ordinary washing. Apply turpentine or paint thinner. Then wash as in ordinary washing.
Rust stains. Sprinkle the stain with salt moistened with lemon juice and place the garment in the sun. Repeat the process if necessary. Wash as in ordinary washing.
Scorch. When a garment is scorched by a hot iron, brush the scorched part gently then apply soap or detergent on the spot and rub gently.
Stains from coffee, chocolate, and syrup. Soak stained part on soapy water. Rub then wash and rinse.

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author avatar Denise O
17th Nov 2010 (#)

All great tips!
Thank you for sharing.:)

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23rd Nov 2010 (#)

Very useful. I shall rember that.
Thank you.

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