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People love to have puppy, but don't know how to take care of these puppies and make them love them. Knowing the basics of taking care of your pet fosters love between you and your puppy.

Care tips for your puppy

You just got a new puppy and you are thinking of the best way to take care of your puppy that is either less or 8weeks old. Its at 8weeks that pups are usually weaned and it is unhygienic to take them away from there mothers before the 8weeks.

Before you think of taking care of a puppy, first thing you need to consider is
1. The puppy you preparing to buy is it right for you?

You must consider the climate of your area if it will suit the dog you are bringing home.
Your apartment needs to be into consideration also, you should know if your apartment is either big or small to accommodate the puppy you are bringing in.

Different breeds of dogs has different energy level and so before picking a puppy you consider the puppy’s energy level to check its suitability to the amount of exercise you can you can provide.

If you carefully put all this into consideration, you will contribute to the happiness of your puppy and the entire household.

2. Safety precautions should be carried out in the home

All electrical cables must be raised and all low windows should be closed down.

For the safety of your puppy, all chemicals or toxic cleaning supplies should be kept far from puppies.

Keep a waste bin that is high and can’t be knocked down by the puppy.
Get a pen to confine the puppy in a particular area.

Make sure no breakable item is kept close to the puppy. Puppy loves play so much and keeping breakable items around its reach is not advisable.

3. Create a good space

Create a warm place for the puppy, a place just like the kitchen and let it be a room that has a washable floor. You can as well be keeping it in your bedroom with the puppy in its crate.
Keeping the puppy in your room at night will help you know when the dog is crying and also if it needs to go out for a relieve of its self.

4. Get two stainless steel plates for the puppy.

This stainless steel you buy, one will serve as a plate for food and the other plate is for water. Stainless plate is preferable because it does not break and it’s preferable to glass. If you have more than one puppy, you should get them separate plates to avoid fight and to make sure they get their nutrients adequately.

5. Provision of a puppy bed.

The puppy should be put in a soft, comfortable and dry place. Considering the type of bed to use;
You can use a snuggle nest, or a wicker basket with a lot of towels. You can also use a crate with a crate pillow. Every pet should have its own bed to avoid conflict or spread of disease.

6. Provide toys for the puppy.

Puppies have a lot of energy and providing them with plenty of toys would really help them to play around. Make sure the toys are sturdy enough. Make provision of both soft and chew toys.

7. Buy your puppy good puppy food.

A good food like canned food, home prepared meal, or raw diets are acceptable food for your puppies’ intake but before you do so always inquire from a veterinary doctor.
Due to the fact that most dogs are allergic to some addictives, always buy food with no dyes, artificial flavours, or preservatives for your puppy.

8. Basic grooming tools should be bought.

Immediately you buy a puppy you must have all these essential tools which include, dog conditioner, dog shampoo, towels, rubber gloves, dog toothbrush, comb, bristle brush, and nail clippers to keep your puppy in a healthy and happy state.

9. Provide your puppy with a nylon harness or leather.

Your puppy will definitely grow and so make due to provide it with the size of neck harness to avoid neck injury.

10. Make your puppy comfortable in your house.
Take your dog round the house by yourself but don’t let them roam about alone to avoid accident and also let it sleep in your room so your puppy don’t feel isolated.

11. Always pet your puppy.
Many people don’t know how to pet puppies, its very important to play with your puppy by stroking its body parts, legs, and head all the time. By so doing you are making it feel loved.
Handle them with care; gently take them into your arms.
Treat him the way you would treat your baby.

12. Get a dog license.
It’s advised to have a dog license so as to protect your dog and also your dog has to be rabies vaccinated to receive his dog license.

Puppies are like babies and need good attention if they are to be happy and live well.


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