Cat Care 101: Creating a Safe Room for Your Kitty

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A kitty safe room is a room that your kitty can call all his or her own, a place where kitty can go to relax, like people, kitties need some alone time. A safe room is especially important for a new kitty entering a home where there are other pets because it allows the new kitty to socialize at his or her own pace. Ideally a safe room is a spare room in your home not used by humans, but for an apartment dweller a safe room could be just a screened of part of a larger room.

What needs to be in a Safe Room?

  • A Comfortable Place to Sleep. You don’t have to go out and invest in an expensive cat bed for the kitty safe room, it can be a cardboard box with an old pillow, baby blanket, or even a towel placed in the bottom of the box. If the safe room is just a screened off section of a larger room, a large cat carrier with a towel for bedding makes an ideal bed for kitty, even with the door wide open it will give kitty a sense of added security.
  • A Litter Box. A litter box is a must, again you don’t have to invest in a fancy, covered litter box, like the one your cat normally uses, a large plastic litter box filled with high quality, non-scented, clumping litter will do nicely.
  • Food and Water Dishes.The food and water dishes should have heavy bases so that they aren’t easily tipped over, personally, I recommend the auto filling type because they ensure that your mouser will always have an adequate supply of fresh water and food. Place the food and water bowls as far away the litter box because cats are fussy about that, they don’t like having their dining area in close proximity to their bathroom.
  • A Scratching Post. A scratching post is a must because they provided your little surfaced friend a way of safely working off frustration and stress, kitties get frustrated and stressed out just as us humans do, I go to the gym to work off stress, my cats resort to their scratching posts. The Cosmic Alpine Scratcher makes a good one for a safe room because they are mace of sturdy cardboard and relatively inexpensive.
  • A Kitty Romper Room. Fill the room or screened off area with many cat toys, make it a kitty romper room, include some toys that will allow you to interact with your cat. Having toys that allow you to interact with your little companion is especially important with a new kitty because it provides him or her a safe way to interact and socialize with you while maintaining a safe distance.
  • A comfortable Chair. The chair is for you to use when you come to visit a new kitty. After a few days of solitary life, most kitties will allow you to visit and play with them for a short period of time, the time increasing with each visit, the key here is to allow your kitty to set the pace.

Cat Proof the Safe Room and Your Whole House

Remember how you made your home baby proof when you had your first human baby to keep them from harming themselves while satisfying their natural curiosity about the world around them, you need to do the same thing for your little fur babies. Get down on the floor so you see everything from their perspective to make sure there isn’t anything they can get into that will harm them, like poisonous chemicals under the sink, install kitten proof latches on cabinets.

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author avatar Carol Roach
17th Mar 2015 (#)

I have two cats, but no room especially for them, I have just a small apartment.

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author avatar Jerry Walch
17th Mar 2015 (#)

Try screening off a corner of one of the rooms for them.

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