Cat Jewelry for Pet Owners

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Pet jewelry such as cat jewelry are designed for pet lovers who keep cats. They can be purchased as gifts or treats for the pet owners. Here are ideas on how to choose the best cat jewelry to buy for a loved one who adores their cat.

Great Ideas on Buying Cat Jewelry

For those who love kitties, they can buy jewelry pieces with cat elements engraved on them. These can be necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets or even anklets among others. They are made of various gemstones and metals that give them distinct qualities. Cat jewelry can be made of gold, diamond, silver, platinum, wood or even beads.

One can only purchase jewelry made of certain materials depending on what they can afford, that is, their established budget. Golden cat ornament varies in prices depending on whether it is pure or mixed with other alloys. Pure gold is usually higher in karat value for instance, 24 carats is pure gold.

There are various kitty elements that can be featured in cat jewelry. For instance, a gold ring can be studded with black diamond designed in the shape of a cat’s paw or even face. Necklaces can feature pendants with photos of cats or even certain distinct features of cats such as claws and even their faces or heads among others. Since jewelry is very expensive and one invests a fortune on them, they would want to ensure that jeweler offers some form of insurance for their pieces. For instance, they could be insured from theft, loss or even damages.

Reputable jewelers only sell cat jewelry of high quality that is guaranteed to last long. They should also be able to offer some sort of after sales services on spoilt or damaged pieces for repair. The best jewelry items are usually fine detailed to show the work of art of the person who crafted it. It is also important for to know the history of their piece, in case it is ready made. What was the motivation behind it and any other relevant information about the person who made it. It could be a well-known jeweler across the globe who makes top-notch jewelry items.

The proper storage and maintenance of cat jewelry is also important for them to last. One can buy expensive gold jewelry pieces of top notch quality but without proper care, the pieces might not even last. Different jewelry can be sorted out according to the material they are made of and stored in those batches. This is due to the fact that certain jewelry items such as gold and silver when stored together, the latter loses its shine. Jewelry is not just a metal or stone as they carry with them so much value and memories making rendering them priceless.

For instance, a cat jewelry wedding ring will always remind the couple of their re-union many years down the line and the promises made to each other. For those who love cats as pets, there is no better way of adding that to your style than having a cat jewel. It is also possible to buy this kind of jewelry as a gift to a loved one who adores cats. A better way of personalizing this is having the photo of one’s own cat on a necklace pendant.


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