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Settle in for a psychological assessment of the human world through cat's eyes as told by seven cats and their cousin who has questionable motives.

Cats On Communication

Humans, they keep us fed and provide shelter. As we should be, we're inherently grateful to them just as they are in return to us for all the knowledge and wisdom we provide. Obviously, all of these years living together, we've made a few observations. Now, everybody take a look at the human through the cat's eyes.

Cats do a lot of people watching and we can't help but notice they're more than a little peculiar. For example, let's start with this big box they watch known as the television. It's almost as though they have captives trapped in there. If they ever want to get out they must perform for the king and queen. Otherwise, we would have to wonder how all those characters got in there. Take Beaver Cleaver, he's been held hostage for some fifty years. What about Andy Griffith? Do you think when they finally let him go he'll get his gun back?

Mom says most of what you see on t.v. isn't real. It sure doesn't look made up to us. Of course, some of those channels as they're called are home to monsters such as zombies and vampires. We can see why mom and dad would lock monsters up. Please, don't let them out. They might gobble us up and leave nothing more than scraps. That's what they get for keeping monsters in their t.v.

The telephone is another one of their contraptions. They say telephone, tell a friend, tell us where you've been. We figured this one out a long time ago. It's where daddy is trapped when he's stuck in a traffic jam. Cats know what's really going on when we hear daddy's voice coming from that little box. He wants us to get him out.
We just haven't figured out how yet. Keep talking, dad. We'll have you back in the real world in no time.

The Well Read Cat

Luckily, they don't watch television all the time. Some of them read a lot. What exactly is happening when humans stare at those pages ? They seem to be in some sort of trance. The book must be some sort of homing device. Perhaps, they're looking for that place called Narnia. I think they found Oz already. No, it's the Emerald City.

Each one of these books has an author. This is probably a person who wrote down instructions on how to get to these special places. They do say you go on a voyage in your mind when you read. This sounds like time travel, but it could come down to telepathy. Anyway, our mother says it's cheaper than air fare.

Cats At The Air Port

An airplane is this big bird and it swallows you when you want to go somewhere far away. Don't worry, it spits you out upon arrival. Personally, I don't know too many of the feline persuasion who will volunteer to be swallowed up by a huge winged creature. We're a whole lot more stable than humans in that way. This is why you won't see many cats at the air port.

A car or truck is a dinosaur and it does the same thing. They have to feed it before they go anywhere though. I'm pretty sure they fill it up on beans, because it always has gas. You would think they would take it to a paleontologist and get that checked out. The exhaust is nothing less than frightening. You put a cat in one of those things and the results will surely be bloody. Planes, trains and automobiles are not for little furry people.

Going To The Vet-Mindset

You know that building made of brick where they take us to see the so-called doctor. Cats around the world have been falling for this ruse for a long time. Think about it if you have your thinking goggles on. Why would a healer torture patients ? A few of us have figured out these are aliens and we're basically being abducted for short periods of time. The purpose it serves is simple. They're working on a superb species and you know there aren't any candidates for this experiment who are as smart and worthy as the common house cat, because there's nothing common about us.

If your human will read, The War of the Worlds to you, this story should clear a lot of this up for you. Back in the 1930's Earth was invaded by aliens from outer space, but . H.G. Well didn't tell us everything. The only way to avoid annihilation was to show proof of intelligence. The humans looked around for signs of intelligent life and offered up the cat. We've been slaves to the system ever since. Many cats go along with the experiment, because someday we plan to take over the world. In the 1990's a rat named Brain along with his accomplish, Pinky attempted to do the same. Cats at home took notes. According to our calculations, we'll be ready to stage our attack in oh about three decades.


Your average human shouldn't be afraid. We're watching you. We're watching you sleep and programming your brain while you're under our influence. We're following you to the bathroom to make sure you don't escape. Once we're in power we will free those hostages from the television. We'll let daddy out of the telephone after breakfast. And all those children mesmerized by books will be petting us instead of travelling the globe in a hot air balloon with Jules Verne.

Note: This paper was written by seven cats plus a distant relative. The last two sections were created by our second cousin who resides at, The Institute For Improved Mental Function. They're not planning on letting him out anytime soon.


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