Catching the Fish of Your Choice

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Learn how to catch the perfect size walleye, perch, bluegill or northern.

Catching a Fish of Any Size

Fishing is a fun sport. Catching fish both big and small takes some patience and strategy. Learn how to catch a fish of any size by using the following tips.

Be Patient: Being patient is the key tip to catching various sizes of fish. Casting your pole out into the water every two minutes is not going to help you catch fish. Remember that you can’t catch anything if your pole is out of the water. Keep your fishing pole in the water and wait for the bobber to go down before you reel it up.

Use The Right Bait: Using the right bait is an important key to catching the fish that you want. Certain fish only nibble off of a specific kind of bait. Do a little research to understand if you should be using minnows, leaches or night crawlers. Determine if you want to catch a perch, bluegill, walleye or another delicious fish.

Set Up Your Pole Correctly: It is important that you know how to correctly set up your pole. Using the right amount of sinkers and the right size hook is rather important. You may want to set your pole low for the bottom feeders or higher for the fish who tend to sit more on the surface.

Use Several Poles: The number of poles you are allowed to use will ultimately depend on which state you live in. In some states, the law is you can use up to two poles per person. It is important to study the fishing laws in your state to determine how many poles you are allowed to use.

Set The Hook: When you feel that you have a fish on your line, be sure to set the hook. After a few nibbles, give your fishing pole a tight jerk to ensure the fish is on your hook. Simply reeling in the fishing line may give the fish a chance to believe that the bait is on a hook and not open in the water. This may scare the fish and you might lose your opportunity for hooking future fish.

Fishing is a great opportunity for people of all ages. Whether you are fishing off the pier or in a fishing boat, you may be able to get that fish you have been wanted to catch for a while. Sit back, relax and let the fish come to you.

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