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Why to choose a cat for your house animal?! Some information about cats.


Cats - magical animals we adore


Let me introduce you to a gorgeous kingdom of cats. Everyone knows that these animals were warshiped by ancient Egyptians.That is connected to the fact that cats were considered the guardians of the dead people. According to the legend, their presence was an obstacle for the dead souls to get back in our world. They also rapresented a natural charm against all the evil things and spirits that wanted to hurt you in some way.Cats also had the ability to reject this negative forces. Cats (and dogs) have the ability to sense the presence of negative entities. I'm sure that you've never seen a cat mewing (or dog barking ) if there's nobody around us.

Cats in Egypt

Cats were considered sacred animals and were living in the temple and when they died they were mummified.The cats were also worshiped for their beauty and elegance that sometimes Egyptian women tried to imitate the cats in their movements and walk.

Cats are usually described as selfish and more indipendent animals. They only care for themselves and follow their own instincts without listening to anyone. I can say that I like that part of their character.

Cat is the cleanest animal that exists

There are only two things that cats prefer to do more than to clean themselves :and it's sleeping and eating. They spend most time of their lives sleeping and eating but if they are not hungry and they are awake, they'll be very concern to clean themselves and keep their "coat" clean. And you can notice that they don't have any kind of strange smell like some animals (dog included ) .They're odorless and I adore this fact.

5 Skills That Only Cats Have

Each cat is like a small panther

All cats, big or small, must feed themselves exclusively with other animals, because without these proteins and fats cannot survive.
While other big cats such as lions when hunting large animal have learnt the ability of cooperation, domestic cat is a solitary hunter who likes lurking and stalking.

Perfect athletic body

Cat is perfectly built for animal life and for hunting in different environments. Narrow chest allows her movements that are free, quiet and reliable. Cats can quickly move their front legs which are not connected with shoulders.
This feature is known as 'the floating shoulder', and cat feet allow the alleviation of impact when jumping.

Cats are the cleanest animals

Cats spend 30 percent of their time in cleaning themselves or cleaning other cats.
When washing the face cat puts mucus inside the paws, which then (with semi-circular movements) rubs in the face. This process is repeated with the other paw.

Cat sees what others do not see

Cat has big eyes but it cannot not see all the colors. The eye is sensitive only to blue and green, but not to red colour. The eyes have a large number of cells so they see the slightest movement , which can then be sharply focused.
The surface of the eye allows larger amount if light to enter and cats have incredible vision to detect predators and prey.

Great hunter

The cat is very patient animal. Her favorite strategy is to smell the ground where she hunts and then sits and waits. She stalks until finally runs and jumps down on prey.If the cat is hungry will kill and eat the animal immediately, if not, first will play a bit (play hard) until she kills it and than eat it.

Cats and kids living together

Cats and children can live together without any problems.
You don't have to think from the beginning that the animals disturb your child or that they will not get along. It all depends on the way you educate your child and your cat as well. Don't be affraid that the child will be allergic on cat's fur or that the baby is going to get some kind of disease. All those stories are superstitions. Believe me, kinds grow better if they are surrounded by animals. My son is perfectly growing with two cats and they all adore each other.
So don't be affraid and don't think twice. A cat will surely change your life (in better way of course )!


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