Cattle Breeding and its Evolution over the Ages

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Cattle, especially cows have cornered a special place in society. When they face problems, it is up to man to solve it. To reproduce, cattle must mate and here we see some aspects of cattle breeding.

Breeding of cattle

Cows are one of the most popular among the domesticated animals. The reasons are obvious. They are the source of meat and milk. There are varieties of dairy products, made from the milk and contribute to a large portion of the daily food of man. One refers to bovine animals collectively as cattle. The origin is traceable back to the days when man used cattle as the form of money. The word refers to “movable property” in Latin. This word describes a variety of animals such as cows, bulls, steers, and oxen raised only for the dairy products.

Anatomy of a cow

The stomach of the cow has four compartments. Apart from the largest compartment the rumen, it has the reticulum, which segregates any solid things like sand and metal pieces, which may be present in the food. The omasum is the compartment where the fluids and water is absorbed. The fourth compartment called the abomasum and is the actual stomach.

Methods for mating

One has to adopt one popular method used in cow breeding.
a) Natural mating
b) Artificial insemination
c) Embryo transfer (multi ovulation)
The choice of the breeding technique is not always into order shown. The second method, that of artificial insemination is most popular. The farmer introduces semen of the bull to the cow's uterus. In case this is not possible then they adopt the next method, natural mating.

For natural mating breed of cow is important just as breed of bull as well as physique of bull. When all things are conducive, the bull mates the cow. The last method is now gaining popularity, mainly because of large number of farms. In this, fertilized eggs or the embryos go to cow's uterus.

Understanding infertility in cows

There are many reasons for the infertility in cows
• Diseases are the main cause
• Difficult birth
• Deficiency in diet
• Physical or medical conditions like retained placenta

Symptoms of a cow in heat

Recognizing signs which show that the cow is in heat
· The common signs which show that the cow is in heat are shown by the cow.
· First and most common is the restlessness, which it exhibits.
· It will mount other cows
· Show aggressive behavior like snorting and butting other cows
· Vulva enlarges
· Milk production will drop
· There will be a discharge from the vulva
· The cow will bellow
· Increase the amount of urination

The time interval between one heat and the second is approximately 20-21 days. The gestation period of cows is 9 ½ months. It is best if one were to wait for 2-3 months after the cow gives birth before breeding again.

More about cows and their ancestry

In ancient India, people considered cows as gods. In the early period, people indulged in meat eating but the people who did not eat meat belonged to the blessed class. As time progressed, people stopped eating cows and they became equated to the Brahmin. Killing a cow thus became an affront against the Brahmin. Cow has protection now and the domesticated cow is more a member of the family than a mere animal.
There is separate breed of cows, bred in America called Brahman, but they have no relationship in the above context.

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