Celestial Waltzes via Continuous Rotations of Love and of Cosmos

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This page is dedicated to the celestial exploration of Waltz music in Cosmos and in Love, through which one of the basic fundamentals of Physics are applied to human nature. Read further to explore it yourself and listen to it.

Rotating Circular Motions in Cosmos

Turning around a physical being or turning around an axis in a continuous motion creates a circle. This circle may be produced by means of spinning, if in the second turn we are not following the same axis or if we are not turning around that same physical being any more. Thereby spinning can be defined by "the disloyal form of rotation"(*1).

In order to be rotating around a physical being, we need to turn around a diagonal path following that physical being's center. This diagonal path will be our axis to which we will have to stay loyal as long as we want to rotate around this physical being.

Anything turns around another thing in full circle creates a centripetal force that draws it to the center as it continues on rotating in a circle. If you look at the image on the right side, there is a Hungarian made carpet, which illustrates the basic principle of rotating circular motions.

Why our Eyes are in Round shape as every other Cosmic being

Every big macrocosm is round
and every tiny microcosm is round

and because the electrical functioning of our brain occurs in circles
Humans see and figure every big thing that is unreachable as round
Humans see and figure every tiny thing that is unreachable as round

we see the World from space in a round shape,
but down in the Earth it is flat
World appears to our round eyes in the round shape,
because it's so big that its size cannot be entirely seen via eye-view and cannot be figured within the capacity of our brains

Perhaps none of these, and nothing entirely is round at all. But they look round to us since round is the shape of our eyes. The fact that our round-shaped eye balls are placed in front of our brains at the opening to the Cosmos, comes to a celestial meaning that we are cosmic creations.

a quick intro to Waltz dance in steps and in motion (p.s. and in poetry)

When a man and a woman comes together standing,
As they face each other and join hands closing a circular area with their arms,
Leaving a circular space for their dancing steps,
They follow a whirling rotation as the man leading the route of which
Zodiacal path of constellations take control of where they are heading to.

They are heading to the center, and what's in the center is the Sun, that the astro-magnetic centripetal force of the planets is bound to.

Martini Dry by Phillippe Sarde from the soundtrack of the film La Valise(1973)

In this fan-made video on Youtube, several years ago, I've prepared a compilation from 10 of the best dancing moments from movies, that are listed both on the Youtube page and on the credits section of this page.

other samples to Rotations of Centripetal Force in nature

a golf ball in a bowl
an orbiting satellite of a planet
rotating wheel of your bicycle
an automobile with vectoring control mechanism (*2)
petal leaves of a rose
amusement park joy ride
a windmill
ripples in water
and every line of the song "Windmills of Your Mind"

to find about other remarkable movie soundtracks from 60s' and 70s' like Windmills of Your Mind and Martini Dry, please have a look at: http://reviews.wikinut.com/The-Magic-that-was%3A-Film-Theme-Music/3w470b67/

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Disclaimer for the Youtube video:
uploaded by registered Youtuber SeanVictorydawn on Feb,14th,2011
!!Warning!! This fan video is created solely based on entertainment purposes. Uploader doesn't hold any right for publishing of this copyrighted video and audio materials.
All the audio are courtesy of Gaumont International. Music from Sountrack Originale Du Film 'La Valise', de Georges Lautner, 1973.
All the video clips are from the following movies associated with following production companies: (Listed in order of appearance)
1. When a Man Loves a Woman(1994-Touchstone Pictures,Walt Disney)
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3. Beyond the Sea(2004-Lions Gate)
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10.Titanic(1997- Twentieth Century Fox & Paramount Pictures ,Lightstorm Entertainment)


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