Changing Fashion

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This Article is all about the changing Fashion from Previous Tradition to Modern Tradition.

Changing Fashion

Fashion inspires one with the desire to seem rather than to be. Another of its characteristics is that every generation laughs at the old trends but religiously flows the latest one. That explains the quick changes, sometimes queer and grotesque, that comes about in the vast domain of Fashion.
A particular Fashion is popular for a few months before it is replaced by another. If poets were the unacknowledged legislators of the world, fashion models have become the acknowledge leaders. Fashions writ runs not only in matters of dress and entertainment but also in law, politics and education. It has infiltrated things of grave importance. Universities, no longer devoted to pursuit of scholarship, hold fashion shows. Imitating western decadence is a matter of Pride.
The modern follow Fashion for compelling reasons. They want to identify with a select group of People. New fashion may be adopted immediately by well known people including sports person, film stars or political figures.Then, other people may follow these fashion so that they can identify with this privileged group. Some thing that fashionable clothes raise their status in life. Fashion is a way to gain acceptance from others of that class. This adoption of Fashion applies more to clothes. Many youngster identify with one another by wearing blue jeans. The more faded, the more fashionable!
A strong desire on the part of women to equal themselves with man has driven to imitate the male of the human species. A look at the campus unveils the staggering number of boys and girls looking alike. The reason is simple : Girls dress like Boys. Is this an unconscious attempt at gender equality? One thing is certain that this sartorial revolution is the work of designers who are laughing their way to the bank.In this age of women libbers , they have designed garments that satisfy a woman's desire to equate and beat the man .
Ideas of beauty vary from culture to culture. For example , Women use a number of cosmetics to enhance their beauty. They apply tinted creams and decorate themselves with tattoos. Men and Women have always enjoyed changing their appearance. Following new fashions in clothes, hair styles and make up allows people to alter their look . Imitation plays a big role in making fashion popular. In the 1600's , king Louis XIII of France began the trend of wearing wigs.In the mid 1800's English women are said to have copied Queen Victoria's stout figure by wearing puffy dresses with padding underneath.
Films stars are avidly followed by eager fans and this creates a fashion trend. Aamir khan's hair style is a craze among Boys . Many Boys wear unbuttoned shirts imitating Salman khan.
Is fashion a mere display of riches or the art of beautifying one's self ? Perhaps it is both.


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