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Article on the subject of the title and of a shift in consciousness occurring over the world.

Write From The Heart

I’m asking Dead Preacher Guy, what I call my guide of nonphysical being, DP for short. LR means Laughing Rain, my pen name of the book Road Signs, Shifting Gears Between Two Worlds.
You could say it is like being plugged into Source. Or, in technical terms, like a streaming situation. First you have to understand and believe that we are Energy beings. That physical is a conglomeration of tiny, minute, spinning atoms of nothing less, than ENERGY!
Energy as you know it, is what the physical atom, molecule, quark, breaks down into under the microscope of the mind/Mind.

So beings, guides, God, All That Is, Jesus, ascended masters, saints and sinners alike, we are mind energy expressing an energy body into physical form.

For a time. For time is also spinning. The rising and setting of the sun is a movement of an energy body also.
We will return to our essence one day when our life span is spent. It is not scary. It is natural, but we have made it something scary. We call it dying. or Death, a sure thing, like taxes.
Throughout life, we die many times. We lose a job, that is like a self image dying. We thought we belonged there, and then life shoves us on, a type of finding-your-rightful place.
For most of us, we do change jobs or careers at least once during a lifetime.
No one can deny it feels like a mini death, insofar as emotions go when we divorce one another as well.

What Is Death?

You can understand within our physical bodies, cells die, even as new cells are forming.
Look at your body then and understand life from the perspective of the body and then we share our commonalities, our mortality circumstance of the energy body we have made, I say we have made, but which you may understand the materials of such are on loan from God. This body is of the densest material, of a slowed down vibration, which created the circumstance of linear time itself. What we call linear time.
We are born, get married or not, have children or not, mature into what they call a senior discount, lol, then along comes what we call death. That scary thing.
One way to face death courageously? Question there. Is to go out and purchase your cemetery plot.
No, I haven’t done that. I want a simple cremation. It’s less costly. Unless! I can figure out a way to speed up the energy of cells and disappear like a spinning fan blade. But don’t quote me on that. Any one with the pen name Laughing Rain already has ruined her reputation so I suppose a quote would be just fine!
OK so now you know the body is not really solid. It’s an energy package. You can play with this package of energy, through your emotions and your very thoughts, either positive or negative. For you are electric, you are like a battery of energy, with a positive and a negative charge built in. We live in a duality world of both charges. What you want is equanimity. You want the concurrent running charges to work together. Then the mind and emotions are in balance.
An analogy is your ordinary lamp fixture. Why does it produce light? because there an electric current in the cord whereby both the ground negative, running parallel with the positive charge, can produce the power, which feeds the physical implement of the lightbulb in the fixture. Viola. Light is produced for the human retina to perceive.

So now you may understand channeling better as a current, as being plugged into a vast field of energy, a mental field which you can also access as a type of meditative or contemplative mind field, within yourself, try not to picture this energy field as something that is on the outside of yourself. I like to get real abstract when I’m reaching for a concept. So I like to say humanity turned itself inside out in order to become physical. Not that it’s a negative statement, for negative and positive work together here concurrently, and here, is the opportunity to reach that state of equanimity I was talking about; the balance: between two worlds if you will.

DP says the kingdom of God is within, so for once, he and I are in agreement momentarily!
Inspiration comes from this mental field, working with the pliable emotional body. Emotions are like previous thoughts, often buried. Emotions are often not trusted as real communications to the self. Yet thoughts and emotions are also like the negative and positive concurrent power in the cord, running to the fixture, the human body. You should never discount either positive or negative charges of emotion, for one supports the other.

Inspirational writing and channeling, therefore can be seen to be related activities. In this day and age many are beginning to channel their own guides, or they may feel inspired and stream their blogs, books, and this can be called also creative writing.
Working with words, or paints, or musical composition, is all very creative stuff. We are very creative people with whatever gifts we have come into the world with. We are not all equal in the gifts, or talents we have; some have one gift, others have two, still others have three or four. Still others may set about to acquire a talent, perfect one, or add on another talent.
It is a diverse world we have made then. Channeling is also a talent, yet first it is a propensity towards a talent. It is like opening the mind, to find truth. The first channeled material issued, reading them much later might make you cringe in terror you have misled someone, if they should read it! That is because there may be too much of the self and not enough of the higher thought involved in your early works.

Some Channeling Lacks A certain Finesse

Horrors! This is a natural feeling, within us all, of wanting to be our best.

Channeling is not for everyone, yet everyone can be plugged into their own equanimity field, doing their own thing well, whatever that is. And any of us can write things down, while channeling or inspirational type writing is like the feeling that the article is really writing itself. Interpreting and misinterpreting others is what we do here until the end of time, until we finally get to the equanimity thing. Channeling has gotten a bad rap in other words. Channeling is either for the evolved soul, the aspiring soul although not evolved, and writing is for the writers and it’s a very fine line of discrimination between documentation and conceptualizing, the later being far more creative.

DP says that is why God loves each individual with a perfect love. That is why God is not a jealous God, and loves all his children with the same type of love. But DP, LR asks, then God has no favorites? DP answers certainly not! It was like asking the same question that God’s favorite angel asked once. That is when the favorite angel fell to Earth, into clay. Did this favorite angel set out to be as powerful, as beautiful as God? And did God really cast him out into the Earth? Unto death? No. Don’t blame the world on God. For from then on, we made death so real, death itself became our God and we bowed down in sickness and sacrificed ourselves to Death.
Actually, no, God didn’t cast him out of heaven. The jealousy feelings cast his own self down.

If whatshisname hadn’t been jealous of his own prodigal son brother, he would have stayed in heaven, not as God’s most gloriously shining favorite son of all time, but as an equally loved son of God. Just remember whenever you are loving someone, remember, God has no favorites, and it is ourselves here must figure out our emotional natures which struggle with jealousy.

We are headed towards EQUANIMITY! YAY-AH! We will love like crazy, but not be jealous at all of anyone. God is smiling that it is so.
Back to channeling, or inspirational thoughts as a living food. Not all living food comes from your great speckled bird. For these were also inspired people, yet are you one who is less inspired or less loved of God yourself than these ancient poets and scribes?
Channellers are putting out 500 or more books per month all over the earth. Visionaries still walk among us, scoffed at for the most part, yet they knew this would happen, and they are undaunted and courageous nonetheless in their tasks. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Each to his own teacher. And the teacher also has a teacher. And so on and so forth. Love is the new religion upon the Earth now.

This Is Love Too

We should reflect on what is Love. A love like God’s love has no previous conditions on it. Nor expectations of getting a return investment on that love given. A timeless love. It has nothing to do with the past or the future. It is unlike a business deal, yet is also a working law that what is given boomerangs unto yourself.

Equanimity is joy in the emotional body. Consistent, peaceful, calm, flat out joy. Problems don’t last long because joy wants to make a comeback. It’s a state of mind, yet it’s a set your soul free endeavor also. The time is now, for we must not delay our homecoming to the Great Designer of the Universe, and while we still yet walk here, appearing in dense bodies, we will be inspired of God, through our brethren, our mothers and fathers, our children, all races and creeds will sound one call of mighty thanksgiving, and this is called the shift in consciousness and it happens in our oneness realizations.
Blessings. So glad I’m living here now! We are still on the most fantastic ride of all illusory time!


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author avatar Denise O
27th Feb 2011 (#)

I know your article covers a lot of things but, the one that stuck with me is, we have made death scary. I learned through example by my nana that death is nothing to be afraid of and as always, she was right. I do not fear death in the least and in taking that woe off of my shoulders has helped me in so many ways.
I am sure I can come back, read your artice again and hook onto another part. I am sure I will do just that. Until then.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar LaughingRain
27th Feb 2011 (#)

glad u r not afraid of death. not many of us can say that! and really mean it. well you r welcome I'm sure! it always makes my day to get a comment like yours Denise.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
22nd Jul 2011 (#)

LaughingRain, you have your finger on the beating pulse of truth, and you write that truth in exquisite language. I'm happy to have found you on wikinut and very happy to become a follower.

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author avatar LaughingRain
24th Jul 2011 (#)

wow such a great compliment for me Steve. I feel uplifted.
maybe I should start a new book soon. I will check u out too. cheers, LR

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author avatar Songbird B
29th Jul 2011 (#)

I can connect to your article my friend, as I often find when I sit down to write, sometimes the words simply pour out of me, as if I am the receptacle only, and my words are coming from a more spiritual source. So many of my poems relate to lifes lessons, yet seldom start out that way. May I post a link to a page that came as inspirational channelling in my eyes, so that you may take a look and give me your interpretation of my work? I would be honoured if you did my friend..

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author avatar Songbird B
29th Jul 2011 (#)
This is the link that I have mentioned..

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author avatar LaughingRain
29th Jul 2011 (#)

I would be happy to run over there and look. look at that microphone in your mouth, now lets hear some music!

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