Characteristic features of a prokariyotic cell.

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Eubacteria and Arche bacteria composed of prokariyotic cells.

Characteristics of a prokariyote.

1.Small in size.About 0.5µm-5µm in diametre.

2.An organized nucleus is absent.It means there is no membrane bound nucleus.

3.No nucleolus.

4.No membrane bound organells.Ex-Chloroplast,mitochondria,endoplasmic reticulumn,golgi etc.

5. 70s ribosomes present.

6.Micro tubules,micro filaments,centrioles,cytoskeleton absent.

8.Flagella present.But miss 9+2 structure.No membrane around.

9.No cytoplasmic streaming.

10.No true vacuoles.

11.A cell present.In Bacteria it is made up of peptidoglycan.In Arche bacteria it consist of several proteins and carbohydrates.

12.No mitosis or meiosis.

13.Only nitrogen fixing cells.Only few types.

14.First originated cells.Originated about 3.5 Billion years ago


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Good brief notes.

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