Characteristics of diamonds mined in Canada

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The characteristics of diamonds mined in Canada-the different nature of these minerals with the rest

Characteristics of diamonds in Canada

Diamonds are rare naturally occurring minerals that are composed of carbon. Each of the carbon atoms found in diamonds are surrounded by other four carbon atoms and they are connected to them by covalent bonds which are very strong. These minerals are the most durable substances ever known in the world.

It is a very fascinating mineral. It is resistant to chemicals and it is also the hardest natural substance that is known. Its unique characteristics have made it possible to be used as a cutting tool and it is also applicable in other operations which require durability. Diamonds mined in Canada are also the world's popular gemstones. This is has been attributed from the fact that it has unique optical properties which include but not limited to high dispersion, high luster and high refraction index.

Diamond gemstones mined in Canada are high in quality. This quality is determined by four factors which are clarity, cut color and carats. Most of the diamonds color ranges from colorless to yellow. Most people prefer diamonds mined in Canada because they are completely colorless. These ones are usually sold at higher price as compared to the other ones.

Canada also produces other fancy diamonds which come in either yellow, purple, blue, green and red colors. Their value depends on their rarity, color intensity and popularity. The ethical mining practices followed by Canadian diamond mining company's makes id possible to produce substances that are highly reflective and emit maximum fire. This comes from the cutting done on the gemstones done by the workmanship.

Diamonds mined in Canada are also clear and are free from all the internal inclusions and flaws. Presence of so many particles reduces the stone's strength. It also interferes with the thorough passage of light in the stone. Its appearance is also detracted. The price of the stones is highly determined by the number of carats found in them. Large stones are more expensive and also rare to find. Small stones are readily available and therefore sold at a cheaper price. Diamonds mined in Canada come in all the forms and therefore you are sure to get what you want.

Canadian diamonds are very hard and therefore they are mostly used as abrasives. They are mainly used in cutting, grinding and drilling. It is also possible to ground the gemstones into powder and make diamond paste. This is usually used for polishing and in some instances doing very fine grinding. Industrial diamonds have a very high market demand. Since the supply cannot meet the demand rate, synthetic diamonds are being produced in Canada to fill the void that the industrial supply cannot meet. These ones are also sold at a cheaper price.

Other applications of the diamonds include diamond windows which are used to cover openings found in x-ray machines, vacuum chambers and lasers. These windows are usually very transparent, durable and can withstand a lot of heat and abrasion. They make speaker domes, heat sinks and low friction bearings which are mostly used in tiny mechanical devices. Diamonds mined in Canada are free from conflicts and the substances are also safe to use.


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