Chemistry of Walking on Water

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Non Newtonian Fluids

The aspect of these Non-Newtonian fluids that makes them so interesting is that they seem to do opposite of what would be expected of normal fluids. Simply put, these N-N liquids act as a normal fluid when little or no force is appled, but as soon as you get to exerting something powerful on them they get as hard as a rock. So that dream of running on water, yeah you can, although its not exactly water, but a mix of water, corn starch, and you could throw in a little cement too. Running on it works because the power of all your weight on a relatively small pair of feet provides enough force for the fluid to act as a solid. However if you were to stop running that massive force would decrease, and thus it would revert back to liquid, and you would sink. The name Non-Newtonian means just that, it does not follow "standard" Newtonian mechanics, and is thus named. There are some spectacular videos on Youtube where you can see this exact thing, as well as one where someone put a N-N fluid on a speaker and it seems to come alive.

This happens because of the way the moelcules in the fluid interact with one another. The things you see around you, the wall, the TV, this computer, and yourself, are as you know made up of atoms and molecules, BUT the strength that these little pieces of matter have with the little pieces of matter next to them determines which state they are in. So what that means, is everything around you is the way it is because of how strong the bonds are. Soiids have the strongest, liquids next, then gases which have the weakest bonds. These are called Inter-Molecular Bonds, and now you can understand why N-N fluids work the way they do. The molecules in an N-N fluid are strong, but not as strong as a solid, so it remains liquid. When a big force is applied the Inter-Molecular bonds can't break fast enough to allow the force to penetrate so they stay bonded together and therefore match the strength of a solid.

Should this get popular enough I will continue to my next topic which is an experiment to visualize sound with fire.


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