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The chicken coop interior is one of the most important factors to consider when looking after chickens. This article tells us why.

Chicken coop interior

You need to know what to expect before building a chicken coop and there is a lot to look out for. It can be a tricky process and with certain elements there is no room for error. The chicken coop interior is one of these elements - you must get it right.

Flooring is essential with a chicken coop interior and must be addressed in the correct manner. The floor of a chicken coop must always be dry - very important. Through the winter months it becomes quite difficult to keep the floor dry due to increased dampness. A damp floor will only lead to sickness and disease for your birds. With a damp floor insects and mites will be rife along with germs and bacteria.

Not everybody has a lot of money spare when it comes to constructing a chicken coop so the best type of flooring may be a little out of your reach - cementing. This is a relatively new chicken coop interior idea but it has become more and more popular in recent years. Not only does it combat the threat of moisture but it also keeps out rats and dangerous predators. They are also known to last a lot longer than the wooden alternative coop flooring.

You should really think about lighting for inside your chicken coop. Ideally they should be hung over the watering and food areas. Productivity of your chickens will rely a lot on the amount of light and natural sunlight they receive. I read somewhere last week that you should try and have all your windows to the coop facing south - this increases the chances of good natural sunlight inside the coop.

A chicken coop interior must have the correct amount of space for each bird. If the birds do not have sufficient space inside their coop then they will get cramped and start to peck at each other and injure each other. It's not unheard of to see chickens turning into cannibals and actually eating one another. If your chickens have a really good sized run attached to their coop then the chicken coop interior need not be as big as first thought. But, with a smaller sized run you will need a large space inside the chicken coop to make up for it.

The benefits of owning healthy chickens are great and very organic. Getting the correct chicken coop interior will only aid this happening. Enjoy your birds!


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