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When we got snowed into our new house a few days before Christmas, with our two young kids we knew that Santa needed a tree to leave presents under. Since the tree lots were all closed due to the biggest snow storm in 40+ years, we got creative with our solution.

Make your Own Christmas Tree

Does Old Man Winter have you socked in, no money for a "real" tree, no fake tree in the attic, but you still want the touch of Christmas anyways? Then make your own tree to add that touch of Christmas Spirit but stay on the budget, and no chance of starting a fire either!!!

Get the kids involved and they will love the memories forever!

Step 1) Get long rolls of paper, or plenty of small sheets. Connect them together with tape on the back side, be sure they are overlapping when you do this. This needs to be a large enough "sheet" of paper when it is put together to hold your whole tree.

Step 2) Draw a tree on the front of the paper (the side with no tape). Don't forget to draw a stand.

Step 3) Color in the tree. (In our case the adults did this while the kids made ornaments.)

Step 4) Make ornaments to "hang" on the tree.
*Use white or colored paper and trace circles with a glass, cut them out and have the kids decorate with colors for bulbs, tape to the tree.
*Use pipe cleaners twisted together and shaped like candy canes, hang on the tree with tape.
*Give a few ornaments a 3D look by folding paper in accordion fashion and using that to make them pop out from the tree when taping on.

Step 5) Attach to the wall and enjoy your recyclable, no water needed, Christmas Tree.

Even if it wasn't a real tree it is one my kids remember fondly several years later, in fact the next Christmas they were sad when we didn't make another one and got a real tree instead.


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author avatar Mandy
25th Jun 2010 (#)

Such a good and cute idea :)

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