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Why do people seem to love or hate a color? The color violet is one of the mysterious color we have. What is the effect of this color if we use it often?

Violet color

I am one of those who are interested about colors and their effects on our soul and spirit. Though others use colors for reading auras, I am just interested in how other see and reflect on the effects of one color over the other.

Like people, colors seem to have their own personality. For me, I seem to notice that I am attracted with the color purple. I remember when I have a project in school to make a flower made of crepe paper and wire, I found out I am the only one who use violet paper, most of the colors they used are red, pink, orange and yellow.

Then I found a small cross stitch pattern of lavender basket and again I am so attracted to make one of that pattern.I also like the color name lavender, one of the shades of violet and I don't know why I like this color so much.

So here is what I discovered about this color- color therapy

On the positive side, people associate violet color with nobility or royalty. On the negative side violet color can also be depressing color or even color of sadness like during Holy week celebrations.

What I like with violet is it's one of the cool colors so it has a relaxing effect or stress relieving effect. It can be true that people who like violet or purple are most likely religious or spiritual. It can also be associated with the need for meditations and reflections.

Probably its true that violet is the color of shy and introvert people like I am. Some people actually hate that color basically because we are all different people with temperament, moods and personality.

We have a term shy violet and actually I found out there is a character named shy violet. I just see this rainbow Brite characters in a popular jellyace products here.

Violet color also seems to be rare in nature or occurs rarely in nature. It is not a dominant or popular color in nature so that what makes it a special color. On the positive side its a color of empathy and being imaginative. On the negative side it makes someone a little immature, cynical, impractical and arrogant at times.



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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
1st Oct 2013 (#)

love this thank you...purple is a most spiritual colour as I am sure you know...

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1st Oct 2013 (#)


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1st Oct 2013 (#)

I live the color purple or violet. Your article describes me perfectly ... shy, quiet, introverted, spiritual ....

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