Civil War Is Fought

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This article will show you what strategies were used in the Civil War.

Battles Are Fought

This is the part of the Civil War where the bullets are actually fired. This started on April 12, 1861. Here Confederate shots were fired at Fort Sumter. The Confederacy consisted of South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina. These were all slave states. The Union had all of the states north of that (not all 50 states were existent at the time), as well as Oregon, Nevada, and California.

The North and South (or Union and Confederacy) both had advantages and disadvantages. The North was much bigger in population, resources, and economy than the South. The North also had a stronger Federal government, which let decisions be made with less arguing, they were fighting to save the Union (and later on, to free the slaves). On the other hand, they were invading unfamiliar land, and had few skilled military leaders. The South was fighting a war of independence, and was defending their homeland with skilled leaders in the military. They had a lot less strength than the North, were favoring states’ rights (which is not a good thing for making fast decisions), and were very reliant on the North.

Once the shots were fired, the law began to be enforced by the military instead of the elected officials. This is called martial law, and in wartime many people were denied rights (such as anti-war protests, which could have negative consequences)

The North intended to cut off the Southern trade with a naval blockade, and capture the Mississippi River to cut the South in half. Southern trade dropped by around 90% because of this. The South intended to simply defend their country until the North couldn’t fight any more.

In 1862, Lincoln passed the Emancipation Proclamation. This freed all of the slaves in the Confederacy. This didn’t actually free any slaves, but prevented the South from getting recognition, as well as increasing Northern morale. They were now fighting a war to free Confederate slaves. They would have freed all of the slaves, but there were 4 Union states that allowed slavery.

Both sides had to resort to drafting people into the army, and ran into financial problems. The tide of the war changed to the Union’s advantage after the Battle of Gettysburg. After the battle Lincoln gave his speech, the Gettysburg Address. This wasn’t thought much of at the time, for he wrote it on the back of an envelope and gave his 2-minute long speech after a multi-hour long speech. It stated that the Civil War would be a test to see if democracy could work, and that if they lost, they would have failed. The war kept on going, and Grant eventually got Lee to surrender. They had previously swept through the South, destroying anything that the army couldn’t consume or immediately use. This is called total war and affected both civilians and soldiers in the army. The Union had won the war, but there was still a huge issue. How would they keep the South with them, and what would they do with the 3.5 million recently freed slaves. The Civil War hurt both sides involved, and left the South completely devastated.

Here are some other sites with information of mine about the Civil War of America.


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I would tend not to trust this information. Your references are secondary at best--Triond?

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