Clairvoyance, and seeing around corners of time: What we all want to know

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At some level, many of us want to have it be as simple as signing on a dotted line with God themselves and having a great future written out in stone for us deeply etched in reality by God. Well, it is not that easy of course, and the closest we came to that was The Ten Commandments of Moses and we know how that came out ultimately. So this article is about a question which I shall start by asking in a section title:

How do we know?

Certain brain/mind experts say that perception is power. Yet, is the future ever as clear cut and clear sighted as the past and present? It does not seem to be. Yet, as Einstein and Dr. Robert Anthony once said: "If you keep doing what you are doing in the same way, you will keep getting what you are getting in a pointless way." I wonder about that reality sometimes. Especially when I learn from my mistakes and do the same thing better next time I do it. In fact, that is where I agree with those certain brain/mind experts in the fact that perception is power. If I have the foresight to do it right, I will. If I do not have the foresight, I will not depend on luck to succeed. If needed, I will go ahead and fail at first before success. After all, is it not said, "Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, I am the fool."? I mean, insanity is really knowing better yet doing wrong anyway although you can know and feel that it is wrong.

The greatest idea in history I think is the second chance. The worst idea in history is beginners' luck, I understand. Why? To know what you are doing after you did it wrong the first time is the best thing in existence. Such is experience. After all, what do you think most "ordinary" jobs hire upon the basis of? Experience, right? How to be experienced and how to do it right are what we need to know, luck is the ultimate side-effect of not being experienced. After all, who hires experienced lottery winners or lucky bums who have no experience getting legitimate results. Everyone would hire experienced repeatedly good result creators in their fields, am I correct?

All good future results depend on the rational use of the mind, then, right?

The statement of the above title is almost totally honest and true, but put productive creativity into the equation, and that makes things more powerful. Now, sure, creativity without the basis I am trying to mention here of the rational use of the mind to get good results is just irrational and amazing dreaming. But, have you ever considered that rationality combined with creativity is power. Every invention we have comes from a rational progression of productive creativity: Light bulbs, cars, computers, lasers, cell phones and all. I mean think about it. The only bad idea is one that cannot be feasibly productive. Oh, sure, it can be creative, but not feasibly productive. Get it?

How to really see around the corners and forecast

Let me put it this way: John Naisbitt with his ideas of high-tech and high-touch only had the future half right in those Megatrends books and works. The full truth about forecasts is what Victor Hugo, the great novelist said about an idea whose time has come. When it is time for the idea to come forth it will be feasibly productive whether simple or complex, through the thing called necessity. Necessity is nature's way of forging a path to the future anyway. From cars to flight and all the "unnatural realities of advancement", when the time comes, it will happen. In short, understand the past to understand future trends, but do not live in the past, live in the now and go to the future.


Sure, the past can make a good reference point at times. But actually living there in a concrete way is very bad. Sure, the brain researchers have found ways to reactivate past memories through electrical stimulation of brain cells, and in some ways, time travel is even possible through certain technologies, but, I ask you, is all of that healthy or sane? Well, I will give my opinion, but no facts: Let me explain, making a good present and future consciously in my opinion is better than reliving any past really. Sure, the past may feel great when the present goes wrong, but the past can become like a narcotic that spirals out of control and makes a good future impossible to live.

I remember seeing the first "Star Trek" episode pilot with Christopher Pike played by Jeffery Hunter as Captain of the Enterprise, I see why they did not air this pilot and made a second pilot with William Shatner as Captain James Kirk. Because, the alien people on that planet Talos Four showed the exact phenomena I am writing about in their behavior of living in the concrete past, and all that I said. I mean, really watch that "Star Trek" episode pilot closely. It mirrors neurotic people who live in the concrete past too much without consideration of making a better present or future.

Sure, the past can be a "comfortable place", but when you live in it without consideration of the present or future, stagnation happens. That is the unhealthiest thing of all, like a stagnant pool of water that stands too long and is obviously unhealthy.

Memory can be a good reference point, but living in it overtly is unhealthy like that water that stands too long.

The future concept

Everything is going toward rationality instead of slavish dependency on "normality" and what is "established", meaning that time naturally marches on and never stops. I mean, nothing ever quits. As for how to navigate it, all I can say is get experienced, do not get lucky in that beginners' way that is unrepeatable. Experience is the genuine currency of future success. Money, luck and all of that can come and go, but if you do it right, experience is the best hedge fund there is. So, think about this: It is said that action speaks louder than words ever could. So, the right actions understood today will be the betterment of tomorrow.

Here is where my concept of clairvoyance comes in:

The more experienced you are, the more you can do better with yourself, existence and life. Sure, luck is a wonderful feeling when it first happens in a good way, humans are only human. But the success you get through repeatable experience is invaluable in all ways that count. Indeed, in my mind, well-used experience and full, genuine confidence in that experience is clairvoyance. Without that, you really are shooting in the dark and lucky if you get that unrepeatable hole in one in the night time golf game. Indeed, real clairvoyance comes with understanding and experience really, shooting in the dark and making it that unrepeatable time is luck. Take it as you may, that is the honest truthful reality and facts as I see them.


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author avatar LOVERME
1st Sep 2017 (#)

Very educative It will be more effective if you post the TEN COMMANDMENTS here first.
Then all you said will have a greater impact.Why for instance did Jesus Say Love thy neighbour as thyself .Imagine you are a rich man's son living in Manhattan And you suffer a mild heart ache Who will come to your help your pop in Paris or your neighbour? This is where Jesus was more knowledgeable and experienced more than the normal man around him so that was the brilliantest of observations , he set before the world generally not educated at large, some 2000 years ago .
Now coming to Clairvoyance all information about a man is just knowledge
and your own vast experience
you finally call clairvoyance simple analysis
whether the guy who is consulting you will pas or fail or can he be guided aright so that he may succeed .If he does you have then achieved your aim of using your brain.Use it I tell folks don't rely on what others brains say else your brain will simply rust away.
Perhaps had you applied your own mind you would have been not lucky, but intelligent to solve your own peculiar problem.
Many facts are only known to you, what then clairvoyance alone can do. If you have any questions do ask me
Send a message on any of my poetry... I will reply to thee
Be hopeful will ye.

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