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This page is about realistic clairvoyant use of the brain and mind. Meaning in a basic way: How to use the brain and mind in a realistic way to understand and control some future events in life. How to understand how to control your attention to know and see what is to come and how to handle it. That type of thing in a totally transparent and understandable way.

The flash.

Have you ever found that you instantly flash a picture to your mind and you see it come true before your eyes? Well, I have. The quick flash of the picture to the deeper mind is just one way to control the future. It is like productive day dreaming only condensed into like three or four seconds of mental movie.

Call this part of the article, the basics of genuine clairvoyance or using ten percent of the brain and mind to do what you really want to do. We will start to get "more interesting" later, but we are just starting up with this series of article sections, so I will start slow like a railroad train going nowhere at first and then get very fast and thrilling.

The power of clairvoyance starts like that, I guess, when you flash thoughts on to your mind and ends with full blown knowledge of parts of the future that you visualized. Now, you are beginning to know why I called this part of this article "The flash". There are many ways to visualize the future, but I am giving you here the technique I find most conveniently powerful and effective.

No matter what, though, God's computer terminals, our brains and minds are the most powerful computer terminals there are and any abilities used in this way just scratch the surface.

Getting beneath the surface a bit.

When you use more of your abilities in a powerful way, at first it is shocking, and then it becomes totally normal as more gets revealed to you. The brain and mind are really amazing. The language of the brain and mind no matter what are pictures, senses, and sounds. What do you think the secret of neuro-linguistic programming is anyway, and that ability to control events and understand the brain and mind? If your mind is working in the way that I feel and know it is working, I will say exactly and go on with this article. If not, understand the first section a little better. It will benefit you.

Brain cells and mind work better with pictures and feelings that are very intense and quickly, realistically done. Without that sort of thing, you cannot control anything. Without that sort of attention to power and detail of sensing and feeling, nothing works. For example, I remember the original cover of Vernon Howard's book "Psycho-Pictography", I will not use the words he used as the three step paradigm to use the mind here, but I will say that was one of the all time keys to understanding how the brain and mind genuinely works.

The conscious mind flashing onto the subconscious mind is the natural way things are supposed to work in this science. Otherwise, if it "tried" to work in the other way around, "the horse would be riding the rider", and we know it does not work that way. The rider breaks the horse in, and then rides it where he wants to go, otherwise the horse runs around wild and the rider walks slow to where they want to go. Sure, metaphors aside, reality is reality and at first the kind of flashing on the mind in a detailed way may seem to take a lot of effort, but it will powerfully happen with some effort and work on oneself and with consistent work and effort on yourself, you will become advanced and powerful in the control of your thoughts, and the events of life.

The fire

We all must use our abilities and talents in life enriching ways, no matter what others may think or even do. In fact, I can honestly say that is the fire within us all as human beings or even conscious beings. We improve, not get worse. We get better and go forward no matter what temporary problems may come up. Why do you think beings are called a race, because it is all a race to go forward and get better. That is the fire in every genuine way, sense and meaning.

If being clairvoyant meant using less of our senses, it would not make sense. It will always mean using more of our senses productively and powerfully in a detailed way and manner. I would say that war is the genuine opposite of clairvoyance, ultimately it is fighting over nothing, while clairvoyance is genuinely sensing something more in existence and life. Becoming a winner is being clairvoyant (in the sense I mean), not being "powerful" in a war anyhow. Think about it. Real power comes from productive action whether physical or metaphysical. Really think about it. The most powerful actions are not shooting a gun. The most powerful actions are sensing and acting on something higher, not lower. Real fire comes from inside us, not from outside us, such as from a "powerful" life-robbing gun. Anyhow, one last question, what do you think all the highest spiritual minds that ever existed meant by things like "all power is within, nothing is without" or "the kingdom of heaven is within you". Also, Hegel's dialectical materialism has been misinterpreted also, I think. Because in this sense, all is one, and one is all, nothing is really seperate as everything is energy, and made out of energy. In fact, I can honestly say this: Free and unite Albert Einstein and George Hegel, they were right about all things being a unified field of energy and material.

Some of what I am saying may be interpreted as controversial, but it is on the money in so many ways when we think about reality. All things are ultimately the same material, not anything other than different forms of all energy.

The water

The calmest person has real access, nerves, haunting and fear take away that access. Calmness is power when sensing. Calmness is the genuine key to control and intuition. Why do you think the first thing that is needed is to relax?

If you answered correctly, that all great ideas come to a productively relaxed mind ready to sense them, then, you are on the money and right.

Waves of power come from you genuinely controlling yourself. After all, Einstein sensed the theory of relativity relaxing and imagining riding on a beam of light, and for me all of this article is coming while I am relaxing and listening to Bob Dylan. Being one with the energies of reality is being in control of yourself. Water takes the shape of the container it is in? Well, what is reality but the liquid of life. Despite seeming like opposites, like water and fire, everything is really one material and one energy, not many. The energies may look different, but, they are all the same. Close your eyes and be calm like water and sense through your imagination the sameness of all matter, energies, space and time and forget the differences for a minute and feel what I mean.

There is nothing new or old under the sun, just everything has a state of being as the same energy and stuff in "different forms". What do you think Franz Anton Mesmer really meant by "magnetic fluid" anyway? He felt the reality that everything is one energy and the same. Why did he get discredited? He was discredited to keep "normal people" strategically limited in their sense of reality That is all.

Next will be the air, hope your ready for that.

In The Air

"All waves go through the air before they go under the water", an old saying goes that I heard as a boy when my Dad and I were at Manhattan Beach after a trip to McDonald's in the late 1970's (When McDonald's still had some real food value, and when the Egg McMuffin was still a new product they sold and made out of real chicken eggs). Strangely, that saying stuck with me even as I think of high frequency electronics, microwave energy systems/scalar technologies, tesla coils and even television airwaves, that type of thing. Anyhow, clairvoyance is simply a sense, nothing "special" like we like to think it is. As Alexander Graham Bell pretty accurately put it, and I paraphrase, all senses are merely vibrational waves from lowest to highest and in-between.

I mean sight, sound, taste, smell, touch, and all realms of thought, including psychic are senses really and sensing mechanisms. As Mesmer put it about "animal magnetism" and "magnetic fluid", that is what powerful sensing down to a sort of "flowing thought fluid" through the airwaves. I think this is what Franz Anton Mesmer was thinking of when he came up with that concept. Everything flows together as energy in an objective sense when it comes to what is "outside" the senses. This, in a way, is what "The Matrix" movies and ideas was getting at when Neo sensed pure energy waves in the third movies and it all seemed to "flow together" as a "unified field" of reality. Reality is a flowing power, not a bunch of inanimate objects that exist outside the scope of consciousness. All is energy and energy is all, and you can take that to the bank.

So, when I say, all waves go through the air before they go under water, as that man at the beach so eloquently said, this is what I mean: Is everything not flowing energy right down to the most still and "solid" rock? I tell you that it is energy, and flowing, moving energy that changes forever at that. We may not seem to have perpetual motion, but deepest and shallowest nature in itself is perpetual motion, that kind of answers the question in itself about perpetual motion. As for the stillest rock being a dance of energy, is it not the same energy principle at work there? After all, I end by quoting Phil Collins: "I can feel something in the air tonight, oh Lord!"

Another Flash (A year after writing this article)

As many of you can probably tell by reading this article, and as I can definitely tell by reading this article a year after I wrote it: There has been a lot of growth and change in the world and existence. Some of it desired, some of it seemingly undesired. But this is for certain, everything I am saying in this article still rings real to me because it is based on the principles of what is really going on in reality, not just my opinion. Sure what I have experienced and felt is in the article is in it. But more than that, as principles never change, I can humorously end this section with actor James Doohan's Mr. Montgomery Scott's line from "Star Trek" to William Shatner's Captain James T. Kirk:

"I cannot change the laws of physics, Captain!"

But, I won't end there. I will say this: William Ernest Henley was right when he said we are the masters of our souls. That is real in that we have a choice to embrace our natural powers or scorn them. We can live well or not. We can win or lose. Our choice. It starts with an attitude, then a perception.


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