Cleaning Your Dog's Teeth

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Everything you need to know about cleaning your dogs teeth. Why it is important, different ways to do it, the cost of having a professional do it, and much more.

Why It Is Important to Clean Your Dog's Teeth

People do not realize the importance of cleaning their dog’s teeth often times until it is too late. If your dog has tarter build up that stays on his teeth then they will start to become eroded. This can lead to infection and can cause the dog a lot of unnecessary pain. This is not even taking into account the pain you will feel having to pay the hefty vet bill when they remove the teeth that have decayed. This is an issue that affects over eighty percent of the canine population. Lots of owners do not even realize that their pets have a problem. Bad breathe is the first sign that the overall health of your dog’s mouth needs to be looked into. This is a sign of mouth disease that some dog owners just dismiss as a normal thing. If the problem is not taken care of then dogs will start to exhibit more signs and it will begin to affect their quality of life. They may be reluctant to play with their favorite chew toy. They may also quit eating regularly due to it being uncomfortable for them to chew. Teeth disease can be treated if it is caught early enough, but there are other parts of the body that can be affected by it. Bacteria that are left in the mouth can actually travel to their heart, kidneys, joints, and many other body parts. This can really make your pet sick and uncomfortable. It is best to prevent all of this from happening by understanding proper dental care.

How to Check the Teeth for Problems

In order to check your dog for tarter buildup and unhealthy gums you will need to get him acclimated to being checked often. It is good if you can start this when he is a puppy, but you may not always have that luxury. To check for tarter buildup you just need to lift his lips gently and examine his teeth and gums. If you notice lots of dark tarter build up close to the gums then it is time to take action. To teach a puppy to allow you to check his teeth you should place your hand across his snout and place your thumb behind his front tooth on his lip. With the other hand you should hold him firmly in place, and say OPEN while pushing your thumb in his mouth and lifting his jaw. Do this a few times a week and follow a successful training session with a treat. Most puppies will adapt to this fairly quickly. You will have a few dogs that just will never warm up to having their mouth messed with.

How I Clean My Dog's Teeth

I use Petrodex breath spray from Walmart to clean my dog's teeth. I had noticed that his breathe was smelling pretty bad and thought that there would be something I could do about it. When I first bought the breathe spray I did not realize it came with a finger brush. The brush is small and fits on your finger. Be careful not to push too hard on the gums but you will need to put a little pressure behind your finger to clean the teeth properly. If your dog is anything like mine then he will think you are torturing him. Mine acts like I am cutting off his air supply and makes horrible noises. He knows it is good for him I think, he just enjoys fighting me.


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A very good guide for dog owners covering the basics of dental hygiene for dogs

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