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Contrary to popular belief, not all wallpaper is washable. Water cannot be used to clean antique paper, textured paper, and other non-washable varieties.

Cleaning Methods for Non-Washable Wall Coverings

Contrary to popular belief, not all wallpaper is washable. Water cannot be used to clean antique paper, textured paper, and other non-washable varieties. However, it is still possible to clean paper wall covering and even remove oil-based stains using quick and easy methods. Try the following safe ways to clean paper, and give dirty dusty wallpaper a fresh new start. With proper care it can look clean and bright for many years, even if it is not washable with water.

Precautionary Statement

Paper wallpaper is easily damaged if care is not taken. Always clean paper according to manufacturer instructions, if they are available. When in doubt, test the following recommendations in a small inconspicuous area before working on a large obvious location. If the task cannot be completed without causing damage, consult a professional for assistance.

Begin by Cleaning the Wallpaper with a Soft Vacuum Brush

When paper is dirty and requires attention, begin by vacuuming it with a soft vacuum brush. Sometimes vacuuming is all that is necessary when trying to clean wallpaper, especially in locations near register vents. In any case, it is important to dust or vacuum in surface before continuing with the following methods to clean dirty paper.

Try Wallpaper Dough or Soft Slices of Bread

Shop online or visit a local wallpaper outlet for wallpaper dough. It works to pick up loose and embedded dirt and grime on wallpaper of many varieties. Simply knead it until it is pliable, and press it gently against the paper to clean it. Always follow product label instructions for best results when using any method to clean wallpaper.

Wallpaper dough might not be necessary when striving to clean paper wall covering. Soft bread dough pressed into a ball can work just as well. Remove the crust from one or two soft slices of bread, and knead it until it forms a ball. Press it against the paper to clean it, and knead the bread often. When it becomes obviously dirty, replace it with another piece or two.

Use Cornstarch to Remove Loose Dirt and Dust and Oil-Based Stains

An entire paper wall can be dry-cleaned with the help of all-natural cornstarch. Apply cornstarch to a clean microfiber cloth, and liberally apply it to large sections of the wall at a time. Allow it to work to absorb dirt and oils for several minutes, and vacuum it away with a soft vacuum brush. The wallpaper will be refreshed and clean.

For stubborn oil-based stains, generously apply cornstarch to the oily spots. Rub it in, and allow the cornstarch to soak up the stains for several minutes. Vacuum it away with a soft brush attachment or wipe it away with a clean microfiber cloth. If the stains are removable, they will come right off, and the wallpaper will look almost as good as new.


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