Click fraud, and how to avoid it

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Writing pages on Wikinut is a great way to earn some extra income, but any fraudulent advert clicks will put both your payments and your account at risk.

We're here to help

The contents in this article may appear alarming or accusing. We have presented the facts in a clear and easy to understand manner, and we're aware that this may suggest we think our authors are all likely engage in these acts. We know this isn't the case, and we're sorry if anyone feels offended.

We have to protect the majority of authors, people who are joining our in good faith and who want to write original content for readers to enjoy.

You may have already noticed one of the ways we help you - we don't show adverts to you when you're reading your own pages. This removes any chance of you accidentally clicking on them.

But some people try to get around this restriction by logging out, using another computer or browser, or one of many other attempted tricks that they think of. We have systems in place to identify these bad faith users, and it is mainly for them that this page was written.

What is click fraud?

A legitimate advert click happens when a reader is viewing a page on Wikinut and he decides to click on an advert to read more about the item being promoted. Anything else, broadly speaking, can be considered click fraud - and is strictly prohibited on Wikinut.

This is a very wide definition, and many activities which you may not consider to be "fraud" are covered by it, so great care must be taken.

Click fraud by authors

The most important rule to remember is that authors must never, for any reason, click on any of the adverts shown on their pages. Doing this is a serious violation of our terms and conditions, and we may have to terminate your account.

If you see an advert promoting goods or services which are of interest to you then you still must not click on the advert. Even if you have a genuine intention to act in the advertiser's interest - you must not click on the advert.

A safe rule to operate by - As a registered author you should never click on any advert displayed on Wikinut for any reason whatsoever.

  • Do not click on any adverts on your pages.
  • Do not attempt to "test" the adverts.
  • Do not ask others to click on your adverts
  • Do not try to use any method to hide that you are clicking on adverts, it will be detected and your account will be terminated.

Encouraging readers into click fraud

Never encourage any reader to click on an advert. Readers will see the adverts if the subjects interest them, and they will choose to click on adverts if they wish to. Any attempt an author makes to steer or influence the user's choice is click fraud.

  • Do not draw the reader's attention to the adverts in your page text.
  • Do not make reference to the fact you are paid for advert clicks.
  • Do not appeal for help to boost you earnings

Advanced fraud detection and logging

Wikinut has multiple levels of logging built into the website. We collect and cross-reference a very wide range of logs, and we run very careful analysis of the logs every single day.

We are able to detect authors that:

  • log out before using the site
  • use a second computer
  • try to anonomize their activity
  • try to boast their click percentage rate through reader appeals
  • and a very large number of other methods!

Suspicious activity will be investigated. No breaches of our terms and conditions will be accepted. Wikinut operates a Zero Tolerance policy on click fraud. We do this for the protection of the vast majority of our authors who are legitimate, fair and operate within the community spirit of the site.

We may contact authors where we require an explanation or to issue warnings. We also reserve the right to terminate accounts without notice.


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