Climate - What can you do to help?

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Climate change is a global problem but everyone can do something to save our environment.

The top 12 tips

1. Fly less. Use buses or trains instead where possible. If you have to fly, give money to an organization like Carbon Footprints to compensate for the CO2 emissions of your flight.
2. Drive as little as possible. Use bikes, or public transport. And if you need to drive, buy a hybrid, a car which has an extra electric motor which charges up when you brake. You could also car share with a friend.
3. Use only energy-saving light bulbs.
4. Plant trees. Two or three dozen trees can absorb a whole household's emissions of CO2.
5. Don't keep your TV or other electrical appliances on standby. Switch them off completely.
6. Use the cold water wash on your washing machine, and use a dishwasher, on the economy programme, which uses less energy and water than band-washing dishes.
7. Try to buy organic food, if possible which has been grown locally. Take your own plastic bag when you go to supermarkets.
8. Turn your heating down and wear a sweater if you're cold. If you use air conditioning, don't have it at less than 25°C.
9. Have showers not baths.
10. Support an environmental organization, for example Friends of the Earth or Greenpeace.
11. Regularly recycle paper, glass, plastic, and household waste.
12. Vote for the political party which is doing the most to combat climate change.


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author avatar j.m. raymond
12th Oct 2010 (#)

Climate change, formerly global warming, formerly anthropogenic global warming (AGW) is, at best, unsettled science at this juncture.

While I agree with some of the sentiment to save the environment, I am not certain all of the things we're told will do so will actually be an improvement. For instance, hybrid cars and full electrics use an array of batteries that, on average, need to be replaced every 5 years. What do we do with all those batteries and their corrosive chemicals at the end of their lives? Most recycling of trash requires a tremendous amount of expended energy to recreate a viable product.

I'm not saying we shouldn't be concerned, I'm just saying that the "solutions" don't always appear to have been well vetted. Now, planting trees... the world can always use more trees!

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