Color temperature effect of light

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i will teach about the effect of color temperature different types of lights.

Basic setting

Every camera will have a basic adjustment for color temperature correction. Most neglected thing is that the correct color of the photo depends also on the color of the light falling on the object.
color temperature of tube light is different from that of a bulb light and so on. So, we have to first adjust the camera for this.

Auto mode

The adjustment menu is called “white Balance”.
Look at the photo, it is directly taken from the display screen of a digital camera.
When you cannot decide the correct color due to combination of light etc, the you have to select ‘Auto’ mode. The camera decides the correct color to the possible extent.

Custom mode

‘custom’ mode is used to take lots of photos in a fixed type of lighting, say bulb. This allows to adjust the color to your liking and set it as custom.Even in tricky situations, you can adjust all settings and make it as custom.

Sun light mode

This is the symbol for sunlight mode. It is normally used for all day light photos. But, note that sun light color is correct to this mode from 10AM to 4PM. You know that early morning and in the evening, sun light will be reddish in color.

shade mode

This is the symbol for shady sunlight area. The requirement of this is use full mainly when it is a cloudy day.A bad weather is good day for certain type of photography where even lighting is required. This mode is also use full for partially sunlight areas.

Tube modes

The three symbols are for tube lights. The first is for normal tube light of 1mt length.
The second one is for 50 cm emergency tube
The third one is for CFL type tube. If your camera is having only one tube light setting, Do not worry. All the above three tubes are almost the same color temperature.

Bulb mode

Fourth one is for the bulb light. It is also called incandescent light or filament light. It is having yellowish temperature. So if you take photos in tube mode with bulb light you will find large color error.
Now, try all above things and even with wrong adjustments and learn the effect of color temperature.


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Very enjoyable...and fascinating!

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