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How to Manage Comments made to your blog or article


On personal Blogs one has absolute control over the posting of comments made by others.

This also pertains to sites like Hubpages, where the author must approve all comments before they are published.

On some publishing sites, as Triond any passing stranger can post anything, which is instantly displayed but the author can delete it.

Among various reasons as to why authors are given authority to remove comments, is to prevent the collection of Spam.

As one may see beneath any Wikinut article, there is a slab of spam. Certain Netizens, realising the inability of Wikinut authors to remove comments, load each page with advertisements recognising that as only the site owner has reserved the deletion right to himself, their dreck should hve at least a 24 hour lifespan.

The dangers of this is that it does not merely make the site seem neglected it should annoy the hell out of paid advertisers.

Spammers are free to hawk their wares courtesy of a contributor's site. Unless the option is given to authors to remove the Ads the owner gives himself extra work.

Dealing With It on Triond and Hubpages

On sites as Triond, one has to constantly police their work to prevent spam, trolling, etc.

In some cases, where a particular article attracts the wrong kind of attention, one has to be deleting with both hands.

On other articles it's a daily scope of 'Comments', and a deletion of those ads for Viagra.

On sites as Hubpages, where one must approve each comment, the burden is lifted. Spammers realise nothing they post will see the light of screen unless the author agrees, hence it is a Spam-free Zone.

This also works with Trolls. Why bother leaving insulting or contrary comments which will not be approved. It's a waste of keystrokes.

This is not a 'freedom of speech' issue, anymore than the choice of which 'Letter to the Editor' is published. It is a matter of relevance, a matter of standards.


That Wikinut has not given the writers the ability to remove comments, the level of Spam increases.

It is only a matter of time before a Repulsion of Trolls takes set on an article or a writer and defecates time and again, as there is nothing the author can do to remove the feces.

Until Then

One must appreciate that there are various pathologies on the Internet. Persons who are so medicated they can not operate a motor vehicle can live their fantasies, insulting, attacking, trolling, feeding their sickness.

All attention, for a Troll, is good attention. Hence, do not feed the Trolls. If there are nasty comments on your article, ignore them. Yes, the Troll will return and make more comments, but consider responding similar to bathing in a cess pool, and refrain.

Eventually they'll find someone else to annoy.

On Xomba, for example, where one can not delete comments, persons who believe they know everything, and write better than everyone else, will attack you if your work is spotlighted.

These comments detract from the quality of a site, for a reader, seeing all the antagonism, may decide the article is crap, the points false, and easily deduce that the site publishes anything, hence it is a Content Farm.

Few Netizens are unaware of Google's decision to penalise sites so determined. Hence, if one believes the article they are reading is published on a Content Farm they may block the site entirely.

After all, why waste a second reading something that must be crap because it is published on a crap site?

The Reality

Comments become part of the article. Where they are well written and useful, they add to the value. Where they are insulting, full of obscenities, they detract not simply from the article but from the site on which the article is posted.

A Netizen realising that 'anything goes' will push the envelope.

Refusing to allow authors to police their own work has led to the proliferation of spam, can a Repulsion of Trolls be far behind?


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author avatar Denise O
7th Jan 2011 (#)

I have had a few myself. Oh well. Good read.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar kaylar
7th Jan 2011 (#)

You're very welcome Denise. On Triond, for example, although you can delete the comments without difficulty, sometimes the sheer bulk of them makes you want to delete the article.

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author avatar angelnjuly
7th Jan 2011 (#)

Actually I have the same problem sometimes.

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author avatar kaylar
7th Jan 2011 (#)

There is really nothing one can do without a delete or approval key.

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author avatar ElliemayUK
7th Jan 2011 (#)

Hi..just came across your article on Maroons. As a Maroon descendant living in the UK..many thanks for the uplifting article which I will send round to friends (often accusing us of selling out to the British). I call it active resistance. I'm proud to be a Maroon and always look for opportunities to share with my children the stories my mother told to me about our history. Boo ya..those Maroon haters...thank again and keep up the good work..!

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author avatar kaylar
7th Jan 2011 (#)

You never sold out to the British. You defeated the British. The propaganda the Brits push is that you made this Treaty like you were begging for mercy.
The Maroons Defeated the Brits and the Brits had to beg peace. They got the Maroons to sign off on 'returning slaves' which didn't happen.
The Maroons only returned guys they didn't want around, so it was personal. The majority of slaves who reached the Maroons were never returned to slavery.
The Maroons are real. There really was a Cudjoe and a Nanny and all the others. And they still live in the villages and are the only group in the world who still make and use the Square Drum....people from Ghana came to study them for many have preserved aspects of Akan culture.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
7th Jan 2011 (#)

Wikinut is working on a way to allow us to delete comments, in the past I wrote them to have some very offensive comments removed from somebodies link.
They are also working on a message system.

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author avatar LaughingRain
28th Feb 2011 (#)

someone is advertising that they sell shoes in my comment section. just found out it can't be deleted. but glad to see Wikinut is working on it. I agree, I should not have commented back how I resented the ad. I may well just be talking to computer generated ad. weird.

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author avatar Alicia Badilla
19th Sep 2011 (#)

Have you heard anything more on Wiki giving us the ability to remove spam comments. I have been getting them on about half of my articles.

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author avatar kaylar
7th Jan 2011 (#)

That is great news. You know on Triond you log on see a pile of comments all selling something. I had a portion selling some Japanese goods the other day, and the day before that Viagra.
So far I haven't had those kinds of "comments" here...but it is early days.
And I'd love a Message system. You wished me a happy New Year, but I had no way of responding.

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author avatar mountainside
7th Jan 2011 (#)

Very good information. Thank you much.

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author avatar LOVERME
7th Jan 2011 (#)

well this site is just LIKE a child coming up GROWING
they don't have so many features
though quite a few moderators are from tiond
and my voice falls on deaf ears
some where i saw a complaint or request for paments
what will a few cents do i wonder still

one site vanished after so any articles

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author avatar kaylar
1st Mar 2011 (#)

With Google's 'Content Farm' at least we are somewhat 'protected' Articles are vetted so that is a plus.

When it comes to ads...well I as the Spammers to network my article, sort of a tit for tat.

I wrote about it on Spam Spam Spam...

Took over 48 hours for it to be removed tho

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author avatar Warehouse computers
4th Apr 2011 (#)

I really liked your blog quite informative and interesting facts and figures you have discussed on your blog even the comments are very fruitful and helpful in enhancing the knowledge regarding the topic.

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author avatar kaylar
26th Aug 2011 (#)

thank you very much

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