Common Blogging Mistakes - Make Sure You Look The Part

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A article that covers a few of the common blogging mistakes that many webmasters fail to take note of.

Some Mistakes Are Unforgivable!

Blog posts contain a lot of different elements so tripping up when producing one is very common place. Lets take a look at the common blogging mistakes that effect most newcomers to the subject.

One of the most common blogging mistakes is when the writer gets writers block - when they find it hard to generate a decent idea to write about. I often find the trouble is more down to the fact that I can't find a topic I feel comfortable writing. Finding a relevant topic is never that hard but being 'comfortable' when writing about it is. Sometimes the content just fails to 'flow' if you know what I mean!

Formatting also seems to be one of the common blogging mistakes on the rise - and I don't know why! It's fairly easy to use bullet points when needed or even a bold keyword here and there. To make your blog content considerably more reader friendly, break up your copy with headers, paragraph breaks, bulleted lists, bolded text, and when relevant - images.

I don't know why people take so long when choosing relevant images for their blog posts. Isn't this time that could be more well spent on writing other pieces of content? Find a relevant image, use your gut and then go for it. This is one of the common blogging mistakes that really winds me up - its a little obsessive really - time is money when you work in blogging circles!

All blog posts need a catchy and 'in your face' type title to have any chance of standing out. This is one of the common blogging mistakes that is overlooked so often. I sometimes see webmasters use just two words in the title of their posts - I mean it's hardly genre breaking is it? The title you choose for your post is extremely critical. It's your post's first impression on potential readers in practically every distribution channel.

When writing remember that grammar is your friend - it's what separates you from the amateurs and the newbies. Lack of grammar is one of the common blogging mistakes that is pretty much unforgivable and makes you look really poor at your job. A simple scan over what you have just written costs nothing in the long run ( just a minute of your time! ).

So keep the common blogging mistakes covered above to a minimum and really make your posts shine. Remember - a successful blogger is one that appears an authority on their topic, not an amateur!


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