Common Trout Fishing Mistakes

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Catch more trout by avoiding these common mistakes.

Seven Tips For Success

Trout are a very wily and cautious species, easily spooked and often fickle. This, of course, is one reason why they are a favorite game fish of millions of anglers all over the world. Other species may grow larger or fight harder, but the ability to catch trout is a true test of a fisherman's skill, patience, and technique. There are many mistakes an angler can make, and trout will certainly make an angler pay for them. If your goal is to be proficient at catching trout, here are some common mistakes to avoid.

1. Approaching the trout from the wrong direction. Like most fish, trout often position themselves with their heads pointed upstream in order to watch for food that is floating downstream. This means that the best way to approach a trout is from behind, by working your way upstream.

2. Using a hook that is too large. When it comes to catching trout, smaller hooks work best. Use a size 12 or 14 hook for best results.

3. Using line that is too heavy. Ultra-light tackle is the way to go if your goal is to catch lots of trout. 2 to 4 pound test line is plenty strong enough for landing most trout.

4. Setting the hook too hard. To set a hook, most fishermen use an upward yank of the rod in the opposite direction from the fish's location. If you are using a laser-sharpened hook, however, this may be overkill. You can easily set your hook by gently but swiftly lifting the rod upward.

5. Not using the right bait or lure. When fishing for trout, it seems that the fish are fond of ordering "Today's Special". In other words, some days trout will hit the worm, other days they'll go for spinners, and other days they'll only seem to want top-water lures. If you are fishing with worms and having no luck, switch to something else. Once you find out what the trout seem to want on that particular day, stick with it.

6. Using too fast a retrieve. Trout are very fast swimmers, but they prefer a slower to medium speed retrieve. This is especially true if you are using a spinner or a rooster tail.

7. Overplaying the fish. Trout are strong fighters, but they are also very delicate. Overplaying the fish may cause serious injury or death. When playing the fish, give the trout a chance to take one or two good runs, but nothing more.

These are a few common mistakes which often lead to a non-productive day of trout fishing. Simply following these seven tips will greatly improve your chances of catching trout on a consistent basis.


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