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Can you hear or feel pictures? Can you move something without touching it? In Los Angeles you can do all these things and more.

Computers help to communicate

Computers have started to change the lives of some disabled people. They can help them to communicate and to live more independent lives. The 14th international conference on computers and disabled people showed some exciting examples.

Questions and answers 1

What does a Picasso painting sound like? VOICE is a program that changes pictures into sounds. Different colours and shapes have different sounds. Blind people can listen to the sounds and 'see' them by using their ears. How can a blind person see a computer screen? The program MouseCAT changes pictures into vibrations on the screen. Blind people can touch the screen and 'look at' the images. They can also use this program to change texts into speech. How can you use a computer with your mind? Mindmouse can identify brain activity. It is like a hat. You put it around your head. You can then operate the computer by thinking.

Questions and answers 2

How can you communicate with no words? CharM is a computer system that can identify people's emotions. In this way, people who can't speak can communicate how they feel to other people. How can disabled people become more independent? Handy 1 is a robot arm with five different kinds of movement. It can help very disabled people do activities like eating and drinking. How can disabled or very ill children make friends? It is often difficult for them to meet other children. DO-IT is an Internet program that helps them to get help and support from other children who have suffered the same problems. In the future this technology will become more advanced and help more people.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
31st Oct 2010 (#)

sounds like a fantastic system

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author avatar James R. Coffey
31st Oct 2010 (#)

I know this technology is coming, but maybe it's time to stop and ask this question: Just because we CAN make it, SHOULD we?"

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author avatar Szabo Gabor
31st Oct 2010 (#)

Yes, I think we should. On the one hand we can help to diseased or disabled people to live more comfortable life. On the other hand we can use these improvements in other science sectors ex. in robotics, artificial intelligence or in health.

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