Comparing Laptops and Desktops

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Laptops and desktops are the two types of PC. They are actually similar, as they are both PCs, but some may note contrasts.

Comparing Laptops and Desktops

Evidently enough, this relates to the size and dimensions of the PCs. The laptop is the smaller and more lightweight of the two, and can be placed in lap. Desktop PCs are larger and not so portable. As such, it is the portable alternative to the desktop.

The Laptop PC has smaller monitors, which are usually more like 15 inch or 17 inch. Desktops may include 17, 19 inch monitors or larger.

In addition, laptop keyboards can be a little smaller than desktop keyboards. They may include smaller keys or just fewer of them. For example, certain laptops may not have the numeric keypad. These keyboards cannot be replaced or changed with laptops. Alternatively, desktop keyboards may have more keys for short cuts and can be replaced with other keyboards.

As such, the desktop PC does have greater flexibility than laptops. For the monitor, keyboard, etc is more separate and are linked to the desktop case. Associated desktop hardware and peripherals can be modified, changed or upgraded appropriately.

For example, the desktop case can be opened and then new hardware cards added to replace older hardware. Hard disk, speakers, monitor etc can also be upgraded with desktop PCs.

With a laptop, this is not so much the case as it is more a single unit. However, fewer cables may be required for a laptop PC.

The number of USB slots included is also not the same. Desktops will include more USB slots than their laptop alternatives. As such, there are more connections for USB devices.

The specifications of Laptops and Desktops do have a small gap. While desktops generally will have more RAM, larger hard disk and storage, the gap is not too great. Increasingly, laptops can run all PC games well enough. So most software system requirements can be met with laptops.

In this respect, the software of laptops and desktops will not have much disparity and certainly be compatible. However, while both will have Windows operating system some laptops may include XP instead of Vista. Generally, desktops might well be a touch faster than laptop alternatives.

So overall, while laptops have the advantage of portability the desktop has greater flexibility and hardware, generally laptops are more economical than desktop PCs, so are worth considering.


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