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A list of unusual items you can add to your compost pile.

Stuff to Compost!

We all love composting! Don’t you wish there were more things you could add to the pile, other than more food scraps? Try these unusual ideas for the compost pile, and you will greatly reduce your weekly garbage, while helping your garden.

1. Dryer Lint
I always add my dryer lint to the compost. They are a great “brown” item for the pile and mix in nicely with the fruits and veggies.

2. Vaccum Dirt

Much like dryer lint, the dirt you vacuum up can generally be added into your compost.

3. Paper egg cartons

These can be cut up or just allowed to get soft and decompose like the rest of your waste in the composting bin.

4. Hair!!!!!

Yes, you can add hair to your compost. Sounds a little bit creepy and gross, but so is composting so go have some fun cleaning out all of your brushes.

5. Shredded Documents

These work great for bulking up the compost, and no one will ever try to steal your sensitive personal information from this pile!

6. Napkins and Paper Towels

These decompose nicely!

7. Cardboard Food Boxes

Rip or shred them up first.

8. Holey socks

As long as they are 100% cotton or wool. I would shred them up first with scissors for ease of decomposition.

9. Old Underwear.

Yep. A new use for the tighty not-so-whiteys. Just make sure they are cotton and you are all set!

10. Stale spices

They are technically vegetables, right?

The list goes on and on and on. Just use your imagination. If something is made from organic matter, it most likely can end up in your compost bin and out of the landfills.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
19th Mar 2011 (#)

Excellent tips, these are things people do not think of that can be composted.

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
27th Mar 2011 (#)

Very environment friendly composting tips! great work.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
24th Apr 2011 (#)

Thanks for the great tips!

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author avatar chrysolite
4th Dec 2015 (#)

Yes, the list goes on and on! Great article! Thanks!

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author avatar chrysolite
4th Dec 2015 (#)

Yes, the list goes on and on! Great article! Thanks!

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