Composting - The Natural Way to Make Food for your Garden !

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When one has the convenience to make compost at home using Vegetable waste, Fruit peel and other degradable kitchen waste one can be sure of providing healthy food for plants..

Making Organic compost...

The main reason why we need to add compost to our garden is, to spruce up the soil that's not healthy or that it just needs a boost when the existing nutrients are absorbed by the plants.

The first and foremost factor one has to take into account before starting on a garden, is taking care of the soil quality , that your plants are growing in. The composting of waste materials provides a natural system of 'reuse', ultimately by returning the nutrients to the soil...

The compost that is normally produced from green waste is believed to hae low levels of Nitrogen, however, as the compost continues to degrade further it produces nitrogen that is very essential for the plants. If one has the convenience to make one's own compost at home by using Vegetable waste, Fruit peel and other degradable kitchen waste, there is nothing like it.In fact it is the best form of nutrient for the plants with absolutely no side effects since there is no use of chemicals.The garden waste is in fact the best compost for the plants.

I personally I use up all kitchen wastes, vegetable peel, fruit peel and dry leaves to make compost. I have dug a pit and use it for making organic manure at home. I layer it with soil and leave and sprinkle water over it from time to time. This turns into compost over a period of time normally taking 2-3 months in tropical climate and longer in colder climates.

It is as many gardeners claim 'The natural way to make food for your garden' and an economic way of gardening without the use of any chemicals. All kitchen wastse can be used to make compost including used tea leaves, fish bones and any other waste like rotten food etc; All that is needed to be done is to layer the waste matter with soil and some wood chip or wood waste if available ,dry leaves and rotting branches that can be found in your garden .

On the advise of some garden experts , I have also tried mixing multi purpose compost that is available in garden centres with the home made organic compost and found the results very satisfactory. Whereas , one can safely use the "organic compost" for all kinds of plants, I am not too sure about the readily available compost that is mostly made up of chemicals, as it has added nutrients, which may not be suitable for certain kinds of plants that require special care.

I was not too happy with the results of these nutrients on Begonias. I used a multipurpose compost when I had to repot a perfectly healthy variety of Begonia. After a week, the perfectly healthy looking plant started developing yellowish spotted leaves . I changed the soil back to homemade organic compost mixed with a lot of sand and I could see it growing healthier leaves within a matter of few days..

One can use the multi purpose compost for almost all the plants, except for a few exotic varieties, grown in pots and delicate variety of plants that are difficult to cultivate. However, it gives better results for plants grown outdoors in prepared flowerbeds .

Home made compost is still the healthier and cheaper option for any plant and especially for those grown in flower pots . There is a lot of satisfaction and happiness in making your own compost at home and growing healthy plants. And going by the fact that plants need to be repotted at least once in 18 months or in some cases 2 years, making your own compost is quite economical.

But ,the greatest advantage with a multi purpose compost that you buy from a garden centre is that, it is ready to use and available when you want it, whereas one has to plan beforehand and wait for a few months at least until the organic compost is ready for use.


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21st Mar 2012 (#)

I do have a compost, it is work but better than wasting things and it is better for the environment.

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21st Mar 2012 (#)

Yes that's true Mark ! thanks a lot for your comment :)

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