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When computer games takes over the mind it leaves nothing to the imagination.

The first stage of a computer game information

Hi mate. You should see the latest video game, Wow! It’s awesome! It has 3 D animation and the animals look like they are jumping out at you. Not only that but they also turn around and talk to you. Its awesome.

Fantasy running wild

Man, what I really like is how with this new game I can become one of the main players no matter what the game is about. Imagine a baseball game. I can be the best pitcher on the field; even better than Brandon League. Can you imagine that!

Every student's dream

Hack, forgot to say that with this software you can also create your own games. Can you imagine it, creating all different types of games from sport, to science fiction, war games and many more in which our teachers are the opposing team in whatever animal shape we like to turn them into! And the best part is that the better we get with the game the more we win. I can’t wait to see Mr Math turn into a pack of small suitcases and Mr Science into marbles rolling around the field. On second thought why not turn the opposing team into sharks and each time they miss, twenty of their teeth drop off. (thinking about Mr Principal during assembly).


Sorry mate, have to run, my games are waiting. I just thought of one in which I am a giant octopus with sixteen tentacles and my pray is a submarine; or should I be the submarine? Don’t know yet, but it’s going to be good. Let you know how things turn out man.


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